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Translation Reviewing

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It depends on each language team: there are translators, reviewers and coordinators. Only the reviewers and coordinators can review the language, but if they are not active enough the review won't happen.

I see there are no reviewers in the Greek team and I don't know whether your coordinator is still active (he was the first to work on the language). You should contact him if you want to become a reviewer, or report here if he is not active at all anymore.

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The coordinator was active one week ago, but hasn't shown any activity for 0 A.D. in at least three months. Also, I did not receive a reply 8 days after informing him on the issue.

Having said these, I will wait for your reply to resolve the issue. :)

Here is a link to his profile if you want to see for yourself: https://www.transifex.com/user/profile/pappasadrian/

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It's done - I'm sorry I wanted to do that earlier today but didn't have access.

If you have the motivation to take care of coordinating the Greek translation I don't think you need to be tested or anything. Greek is not even a language we currently include in releases so it's not a source of concern, the important thing is that the translation work goes on!

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