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3 Kingdoms map.


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I've always been interested in English history so I created a map where people can play out wars between the Scots, Red Coats (English) and the Irish.Issues; AI players are unable to board ships? check image below. I know this was problematic with earlier versions of the game.

I have included a readme with my plans but maybe not all possible. I also plan to release other maps depending on what I find possible with this first map.

The map below has a lot of resources as the UK around the 15th /16 century was mostly covered in trees, rocks and irons deposits.




readme - 0ad.txt

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3 hours ago, wackyserious said:

Hi! You might want to try our mod Millennium AD We have an Anglo-Saxon faction (English folks) there.. We might also include the following British Isles factions in the future.

  • Cymry (Post-Roman Britons, aka Welsh and Northern folks)
  • Gaels (Irish)

Somewhat offtopic, sorry.

Not a problem m8, having a look.

How do you change the ceasefire value?, seems to export the map for 45 minutes but there is nothing in the map editor to change this. unless I use a hex/text editor.

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Left something out, didn't want to double post.
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