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Can i be a part of this ?


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I would like to be part of this team as Documentation manager
I understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free?
I agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license

Thinkal VB
Available at night and morning
Any time,Any where is ok for me
Computer Engineering student (B.Tech)

Good in English and know about everything related to computers and games
No big past experience in this field.i consider this as a stepping stone.

I am professionally a gamer and hacker
My love towards computers,games and electronic devices kept me going
Its you who have to decide
Explosively creative

I was in search of strategic games like age of empire that i love the most.While googling i came to know about 0AD now one of my favorite and now about this organisation inspiring the coming generations of gamers.
Interested in playing games, reading, writing, programming, studying,research, almost everything except studying chemistry

in free times i carry out small experiments, venture into games and its development ; love badminton too

I can pledge full co-operation from my side
I don't know any other community members
Age of empire, 0AD, crysis, call of duty ghost (all series) , Assasin creed (all series) , Halo, Prince of persia, Hitman, Prototype NFS hot pursuit, Total over dose, GTA vice city (all series), Project IGI (all series)...................................
Call Of Duty Ghost - Never saw near to perfection

I always come up with a solution for any problem i believe it is a fact that distinguish me between others. There may be disadvantages but i believe that - " with every disadvantage there comes an advantage and for every advantage too there comes a disadvantage" its the law of universe

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Hey, welcome to the forums, you might want to drop by IRC to directly ask the programmers. Unlike art, programming is more a question of contribution. You can document the code, or directly the wiki http://trac.wildfiregames.com/

Once, you have documented a part of the code you could create a ticket, and submit a patch (diff) Then it will get reviewed by the team and might get into the game. Hope you'll enjoy your stay.

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Thanks for your application. And yeah, as Stan says, the best way is to start contributing. If you have programming knowledge you can help out documenting the code or the more programming related things on the wiki. If not, then there are certainly other things which needs to be documented as well. How to play the game and how to use the scenario editor (which is about to see changes soon, so that part of the documentation certainly needs to be updated).

Is there something in particular that you are interested in?

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