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[RESOLVED] Something weird when saving map in Atlas


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I edit Sandbox - Romans with some new stuff. Save map. I see that the map does not show up new in not my Delenda_Esta mod folder and not the Public folder either. They are old versions. Also, map does not show in my GitHub client. I open Atlas and open the same map and I see my changes have saved somehow! Is map cached somewhere? I close Atlas again and open again and open map and see the map is showing all my changes. I look in maps/scenario folders and see the map has not changed its date modify. Problem with Atlas and or problem with Windows?

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Doublecheck what mods you have loaded. It does save it in the folder of the lowest mod (in the activated mods list)

oh my word, yopu are correct. Thank you. Map was getting put into a music mod I had enable.

EDIT: I now see many more maps I had forgotten about! (y)

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