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Bigger units should have a chance to throw an enemy unit flying

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Bigger units , or(special units) should have a chance to throw a unit off balance, like when an war elephant attacks it has lets say 5% chance to throw a unit away,special soldiers can bash enemy unit push them a bit off, i guess a ''flail'' animation is needed for this

Below is a photo of what i mean , you can see the hoplite flying...post-19792-0-08578800-1424369617_thumb.j

the flail animation can be used also, when like 10 calavary units make a special formation to ride over the enemies(weaker enemies that are not in any good formation), and the units that collide with them will flail on sides, in a small range.Just a personal opinion to make the game more realistic and enjoyable, i know i might be daydreaming :D

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the flail animation can be on many things, like one more example, when the catapult is attacking a wall and a soldier is on it, lets say each attack the catapult has 20% chance to knock the soldiers off the building, or when a catapult ball hits a soldiers on a battlefield it has a chance to knockhim dealing small damage

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Well if they are hit by a catapult ball then they sould be dead nobody will surive that, SPLAS BLOOD that would work for a unit hit buy a catapult :D

And for special units maybe there could be some type of "throw a unit off balance" animation as long as it not over the top its a game based on history not fantasy.

And units trow of walls when a wall collapse would be possible and realistic.

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