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Mapping Contest 17 announced!


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Hi to you all! In continuation of the last contest we organize a new one: Mapping Contest 17. (Number 17 because the current release is Alpha 17)
I'll elaborate the requirements of the to be created map further down the announcement.

With the new implementation of the mod loader and triggers we decided to be a bit more lenient towards the map designer. It is now allowed to create a trigger-based scenario and add graphical mods.

This time we have removed the Northern Highlands theme, we however felt that Ancient Highlands wasn't used in Mapping Contest 16 and hence pushed it once more as a theme.
The theme list for this contest is as following:
1. Ancient Lands:
Once there was a highly civilized kingdom, now only pain and rocks. However, rumors say that great treasures are to be found beyond the walls of this destroyed city.
2. Amorica (Nowadays called Bretagne):
A large peninsula with epic cliffs, catchy beaches and beautiful grasslands.
3. British Lowlands:
Although this flat and rainy landscape seems peaceful at first sight, danger could lure around any corner.

http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17495&p=298890 => this link contains a Uffington Horse model that you could use as eyecandy.
4. Peloponnesian Wars:
For the trigger-based scenario we decided to push this one as inspiration.

These themes are meant as an inspirational source. If you have a better idea yourselves, don't hesitate to use that one.

As for every contest there is a set of rules:
  • The jury is not allowed to participate in the contest.
  • Taking inspiration from other maps is allowed, literally copy-pasting isn't. Note that too obviously being inspired by other maps results in a lower originality rating.
  • The jury always has the final word.
  • It is up to the designer to use either the SVN repository or Alpha 17.

Jurying is twofold: The community votes for the best map in the category (which are listed a bit below) and the jury rates every map. Then the results are compared by the jury and the winners are announced.

This is the points-breakdown the jury will handle:

  • Gameplay 30
  • Aesthetics 30
  • Originality 30
  • Overall Harmony / Coherence 10

As for the jury, the jury consists of the following members:
Shieldwolf23: Lead jury, veteran scenario designer, co-creator of the Gallic Wars map
2GrpVzC.jpgThamlett: Co-jury, initiator of the Council of Modders' Mappack
7sSewSA.jpgNiektb: Co-jury, creator of the Schwarzwald Random Map and the Gallic Wars map

For each theme we do have the following awards (note that the italic awards only apply when there are more than 15 submitters):

  • Best overall map
  • Most original
  • Most aesthetically pleasing
  • Best gameplay

These awards are:

  • A badge / medal to beautify your forum profile, as well as an icon in the map preview image.

  • The ultimate victor (the best of both themes) lands as the default map in the next release, Alpha 18. WFG reserves the right to make little tweaks and / or additions to this map.
  • Winners get into the Council of Modders' Mappack if they're not included in the main game.

In a submission we require a zip with the following:

  • All the map files should be included.
  • In case you choose to create a Scenario triggers are required!
  • One screenshot and a 400x300 map preview image. (Reduce the fog if you have many to get a clear overview, please no signature in the preview image) To create a screenshot in Atlas: Zoom / rotate till you have the part at the screen that you want to create a screenshot of, then click Misc hacks in the top bar > screenshot. Check the message for the save location.
  • The map should be either normal or medium sized and should have 2-4 players (depending on the flavour of the designer). The amount of players is not important in case of a trigger-based scenario. We also require to release the map under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license to be able to land in 0 A.D. or in the CoM Mappack. By submitting your map you automatically release it under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

The deadline on the submission is 00:00 GMT 30th November 2014. You can submit your map by posting an attachment in the topic that will be created at the Wildfiregames forum, a week before the deadline.

After this deadline the community is allowed to vote (in a topic that also will be created) and the jury will discuss the winner behind closed doors.
We're trying to organize a contest every Alpha release, so no worries if you don't win, just try again next time.

One last tip: Make use of the Environmental and Post Processing settings to enhance the look and feeling of your map. It can really make a huge difference:


For technical discussion refer to this topic:
For any other question you can ask in this topic: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19230 (announcement in the WFG forum)

Have fun and may the best win! Edited by niektb
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I might make a Peloponnesian Wars scenario if triggers prove easy to use (haven't checked them yet). Btw your Peloponnesian Wars screenshot isn't accurate, those wars didn't include Rome, it was Athens (and allies) vs Sparta (and allies).

Nice contest overall, hope everyone has fun with it and it adds some nice maps to the game:)

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