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Submitting a patch, best practice?

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I've looked in the rendering code and I saw some possible optimizations. In the old code, at each frame the game had to calculate the patches to draw even if the frustum didn't change.

So I coded the changes and the game is slightly faster on my laptop when the screen is static. So, what are the best practices when submitting patches?

Thanks for responding.

Lucas Malo Bélanger

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Ok, with my tests, my code is faster about 15% on my laptop using this test procedure:

  • Open Skirmish Alpine Valley (2)
  • Calculate average time spent on sending patches.
  • With old code, it takes about 66000 instructions to get to an average time of 0.003s. With the new code, it takes about 57000 instructions to get an average time of 0.003s.

I will open a ticket when the system will run again.

Lucas Malo Bélanger

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