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My computer broke


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Hello, i have not been well.

My computer broke and i had to repair it but it was difficult due to the times (christmass) and everybody was on vacations, i am a programmer so this is a major tragedy for me. My computer is fine already, but i will be out from the community at least for one more week because i am in a big hurry trying to put my job taks up to date and asking for more time and stuff, you know how it is (i'm freelancer). As soon as i have all my tasks up to date and my clients happy i will come back here, sorry for just dissapearing. You can still post in the 1,000 AD forum, but i will not answer until i'm back.

It wont be more than two weeks, i calculate from one week to ten days. I will log in at least once every day to say hi. But i wont be able to say or do much. Fortunately, i didn't loose any information from the mod.

Arishia and i share computer so she is going to be out more or less (actuallly more) the same time.

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