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Fix for our skeletons in the upcoming Blender?

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Have you guys already tried this method? It seems to get the skeleton/weights, but I'm not sure about the actual animation.

Thanks xrg. I will try that FBX import addon. I was confused when I read that .FBX supports armatures/bones and animation but discover that "default" blender .fbx importer doesn't import them.

My try will consist in export the "original" 3DsMax dude armature to .FBX format and import it into blender with that addon. Let's see what it does.

BTW. wow such idea, very comment, much suggestion. wow xDD (couldn't resist)

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FYI it looks like OpenCollada supports up to version 2010 of 3ds Max when I look here. Maybe compatable with 2013?


Have you guys tried this? Or perhaps contacting the developers?


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