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Logos: 0 A.D. - Empires Ascendant, Pyrogenesis


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The logos for both the game and the engine could be updated in high res and in 3D.

For the game, the current wheel and A.D. are iconic, so should remain. However, a super high res 3D version of the logo would be good to have so we can render it in any way we need. Specular. Bump mapping. etc.

As for the Pyrogenesis logo, it seems like there is a kind of "bear claw"/flame logo here: http://www.moddb.com...nes/pyrogenesis

Do we want to keep this? Can this be updated?

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Nice topic!

Good idea indeed to produce a 3D and HD version of the game's logo for new uses. I'm fond of its design, so, personally, I would really keep 0 A.D.'s logo just like that, elegant and simple as it is, with the gold color that is the best way to express this sort of "golden age" we all want to find into the game.

Nonetheless, I am curious to see if there are ways to improve it if someone's got ideas.

Anyway, I think we should stick to this "graceful design", theses thin lines.

A heavier and thicker design could make sense in the 2nd edition as the theme of "Empires Besieged" calls darker times, a "fall from grace" somehow..

The Pyrogenesis logo could be improved. The flames/bear claw is an excellent idea and should be kept, but it could be redesigned with more character, maybe a texture or a slight 3D feeling instead of a flat drawing.

As it is the game's engine logo, its mission is to represent the power and the beauty the engines does allow. Well, I'm not among those who know the engine well, so, question : what characterizes Pyrogenesis the most? What makes it different than game engines?

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I have the .blend files of the WFG logo and 0AD logo that I made recently, so rendering those at high res it's very easy thing to do.

Some questions before the renders...

- WFG logo I made have a little white gloss. Do we need a "plain" version of it?

- Do we need transparent backgrounds?

- Which resolution do we need? should I go extreme and then make lower-res versions?

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Fun facts - the pyrogenesis "logo" was a single character from a font. It was intended to be similar in look to the Chinese wildfire games character. I think the name was selected by a team vote at the time when we were using greek to name certain aspects of the game - like Atlas and Odysseus. It's prior name was prometheus, which we found out later was already used. I think before that it was briefly called omicron. "New Fire" was what it was supposed to mean, loosely following the wildfire moniker.

I think the attached file is the original .max file for the 0 A.D. logo (guessing based on file name).


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