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Here's a new scenario map I made.

It's not historically correct, just loosely inspired on the theme of Hadrian.

You start with Britons on one side of the wall, Romans on the other, and when someone breaks open the wall, the attacks begin (unless you use a clever trick, then the attack can begin before you break open the wall).

It's really a turtle map. If you're patient enough to build a good army, you'll win.

As the AI can't handle it, it's listed as a naval map, but there's also a version of the map with gaps in, which can be played by the AI.

To make it, I started from a random migration map, but got rid of that concept of migration. I kept a lot of the trees, but replaced almost everything else.

Some special things:

  • A well guarded island with lots of treasures. It takes a serious investment to get them, but I think it's worth it. The Romans have an easier job with their quinqueremes though.
  • Lots of wildlife (so watch out, the AI loses on average 10 units to gaia)
  • Lots of food around to hunt and forage (you don't really need farming)
  • Lots of fish (but watch out for the island)
  • A little waterfall (I think it looks good, give your opinions on it)
  • Both players start on a motte, so you need to build some mills and farmsteads, as your cc is hard to reach.



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Thanks for the nice comments. Triggers and alternative ends would indeed be awesome, but take your time. And there is quite a lot of eyecandy present in the map, some eyecandy palissades (on impassable terrain, so there was no point to make them attackable or selectable), a few pigs on a muddy terrain with an eyecandy drinking thing, a troop of wolves around a blood stain, and little things like that.

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This looks nice, it reminds me of the AoE2 Michi random maps. These had trees splitting the players though, so you had to chop your way through or get siege onagers. Also along similar lines but less extreme are the Starcraft 2 beginners maps which have destructible rocks blocking the entrance to your base. I like the idea of having a few of these maps which work nicely as anti rush beginners maps or just for people to have fun booming.

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