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Why I cant Minimize the game?


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thats a(probably) hard-to-work-around library thing… the underlying lib grabs the whole keyboard, so you can’t use eg. the volume keys too.

idk, how to solve that. Savage 2 had an option to turn capture on/off in the options menu…

but I somehow like the capturing… you can use so much more keyboard shortcuts then, like <Ctrl>+<F1-12>, which would otherwise interfere with the window manager.

if you really want the keyboard unlock, i have a workaround for you(only works with KDE):

(I retranslate the options back to english, setting LC_ALL=C doesn’t help this case)

  1. create a local.cfg with windowed=true -> http://trac.wildfire...Manual_Settings
  2. right click on the window title, select 'Advanced' -> 'Special settings for this programm'
  3. accept the infobox dialog with ok
  4. go to tab 'Size&Position'
  5. activate 'Fullscreen' -> in the dropdown to the right select 'Force' or maybe better 'Apply on Initialization'(second entry) -> set radio button to 'yes'
  6. maybe restart the game

then the game uses KWin’s fullscreen mode(windowed fullscreen); you have fullscreen with an ungrabbed keyboard(and mouse!) .

so hitting screen edges might toggle compositing effects, if you enabled such actions(I think there is one enabled by default for the upper left corner…)

so you might need to enable other options too, (eg. block compositing)

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