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Of water and waves

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Why does the water make a grid like this ?

And: How the hell can you get 60 fps ? O.o

Even with an older (2011) desktop you can get decent framerates. I've got a Radeon HD 6850 which is far from being top of the line, and it would probably get 50-60 fps on that scene with the same settings.

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And of course that's what it was, thanks a lot Myconid. Okay, I'm taking various screenshots because it looks cool and the new post-proc effects are dead awesome, then I'm busy for a while. I think I'

Made the water specular stand out more. Might be a bit too much right now at some angles (both sun and camera), I'd like some feedback. A sunset screen: (compare with older things).

Finished fiddling... This should be customizable and good-looking enough. Under this system, the water refraction is modified by depth and murkiness. The deeper/murkier, the more tinted toward "Water

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what new laptop you recomended to play at this level?

One with more than Intel HD graphics :) (it's not a bad budget option but will never be great for gaming) You should read reviews and check benchmarks if you're in the market for a new laptop, plus there are so many other factors to consider like screen and keyboard quality, size, battery life, etc. that I personally would consider at least as important as GPU.

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