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Wall build tool for RMGs

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Excellent work The larger wall could work very well around starting bases, while the smaller ones could surround pre-built fortresses or towers.

This would be useful to create "Fortress" variations of random maps.

This reminds me that we really need to redesign GUI for more rms options.

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Nice diagrams :) Side note: I still wish we could create roads as I've said before. Just to make our towns and cities look better.

Thx :)

Roads can be placed with this as well though crossings are not supported well, yet. I'm arguing with some team members to move rmgen to simulations and perhaps make things trigger based. Then all functionality could be used everywhere like placing roads in-game or at least in Atlas. It's a big change though I think it's worth the effort since it's payed back with much more functionality and easy to change/add features without duplicated code. I'd do/help doing that but simply feel overwhelmed ATM doing this alone. vtsj checks the code/documentation/concept this days so maybe he has other ideas or knows better how to do this. I will stick to rmgen ATM.

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I think switching to rmgem for simulations has been discussed before. Personally I think its a great idea; more variety. But not all the maps have to randomly generated (e.g. campaigns, certain scenarios, etc).

Ofc. save/load maps have to be supported in simulations as well, yes. That was AFAIK the reason why all the map stuff is not inside simulation.

Not sure: Is the map loaded befor the engine is run? And a new map can only be loaded after the engine is closed again?

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