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Ultimate historical real-time strategy game from dawn of civilization to the far future

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I agree with Mythos' view on the matter. Typically, when you try to span ridiculous time lengths, you will merely find people complaining because A, there will be complaints from people who dislike the fact that they have never heard of the Hurrians nuking the Canadians while the latter civilization is stuck in the Iron Age, or B, this game was not able to frame the epic timespan of history, and has too few cultures. Age of Empires tried something like this, and it wasn't quite successful in my opinion. There were too few ages to cover about ten thousand years. Even then, it seems likely that all that will happen is the project will be aborted with as much work as would have to be done.

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I felt Age of Empires struck the right balance...

I guess if I had an unlimited budget, I'd want an incredibly detailed, living representation of either the Roman period, the Italian Renaissance period (along with right before it) or the Greek period. Not really a game in the traditional sense but kind of like Second Life - you 'play' as someone in the world, you interact and it changes things in the world slightly. If you want to work towards something - your goal can be to become a general, a ruler, a wealthy merchant or whatever.

The main reason I enjoyed RTSes aside from competing against others (unfortunately the quantity just isn't there to have lots of fun in multiplayer anymore) was the history and getting me interested in the history. I took history classes in University because of Age of Empires for example.

It's also why I like period dramas that aren't accurate like Rome, The Borgias - they're exciting, they get you interested and looking in to the actual history.

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