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Dock Placement

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Yep that was discussed in the Build Limits / Restrictions topic. We've discussed this further on IRC and the guys are now working on a placement restriction similar to what you describe. Some maps, like Belgian bog, do not often have a coastline on which the building can sit (it's a marsh/bog thing), so this needs to be worked out. Also some docks are much larger than others (see super_dock on svn), so this makes placement even trickier.

See here for some further discussion.

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Dock placement seems a bit picky. It seems that it only allows a little part of the dock to extend into the water. How about as long as the dock is touching land it can be placed?

Yeah I've already got a fix for this (hopefully). Basically it was only including 3 tiles on either side of the land/water boundary, but now I'm making it so that all the water and the first 2 tiles of land are counted. This should make the dock placement a bit looser and also allow bigger foundations.

Also, it seems now that buildings can't be placed in water, even if that water is 1 millimeter deep and invisible to the player.

Yeah this is a tricky problem, I noticed some maps like Siwa Oasis have this (near player 1 starting area). There is a difference between what the renderer detects as being "underwater" and what a simple test like GroundHeight < WaterHeight reveals. But due to the terrain sloping, it could be that 1mm actually turns into a lake or river. Maybe it's enough to add some tolerance to the calculation, I'll test and find out.

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Also, builders have to reach the dock, so the back of the dock (the part that faces land) can have at most a depth of 2m, but the front must be able to spawn ships, so it must have a depth of at least 1m (see simulation/data/pathfinder.xml for these definitions). Probably rather than hard-coding these values, they should be tied to the unit passability classes.

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