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3D Modeling Application


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Hey guys, I would like to know which program do u use to make units. I want to learn to use at least one program to make my own units just because there are no slavs in this mod, so I would like to give it a try. I tried to search but nothing found.

Also which one is easy to use for begginer etc..

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There are a ton of different programs you can use, but I would recommend Blender. It's not the easiest to learn, but once you get the hang of it, it is probably one of the most intuitive. Try to find a video tutorial series to follow. As an added bonus, it's open source and 100% free. Many alternatives that we use (3DS Max, for one), are very much not free.

As far as the "official" development team, we typically use either Max, Maya or Blender. See the Art Design Document for details on format and procedure.

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Hi, i am not sure what most people here use, but in the community i am a member of for years most people use Poser for human/humanoid units.

Not sure how relevant Poser is for the low-poly units in 0 A.D. but I could be wrong :) Was ages since I last checked it out, does it do animation or is it just for static files/images? I can remember :P

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One free cross platform 3D modeler I like is Misfit Model 3D

It does not export to the Collada format but AutoDesk has free FBX Converters that fix that problem.

They are also available for different Operating Systems.

What I do is export to the obj format, convert to FBX then convert the FBX to Collada.

There is also a free Collada converter that uses java.

Whoola Collada Converter

It does not save texture information but that does not matter for 0 A.D.

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On useing Poser.

Poser is not a model creating application but an animation application for the most part?

And I believe you need models made for Poser to get them to work with it.

As most of the models are high poly and NOT free that would be a few problems right there.

Even the free models may not allow the useage under 0 A.D.'s licenseing.

And all the model's I've seen were very high poly compared to what is the current needs for 0 A.D.

Please correct me if I'm wrong as I have not tried Poser since waaaaaaaaaaaay back!

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