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  1. Those are good links Mate. That's where I learned from to begin with. I did learn that you could not keep the public.zip in it's original place and add the extracted stuff by trial and error. At lest in Alpha 4 Kyriakos, You will see files with the pmd extension. We have several options to convert them to Collada. The pmdtocollada Python script and a Windows only stand alone version that does not require Python be installed. If you want any of them just let us know.
  2. In your installed version it will be 0AD/binaries/data/mods There you will find a public.zip Move that file to a safe place and then extract it. Move the extracted public back to where the zip file was. So the path will be 0AD/binaries/data/mods/public Then you'll see a bunch of folders under that. Look in art/meshes/structural
  3. On useing Poser. Poser is not a model creating application but an animation application for the most part? And I believe you need models made for Poser to get them to work with it. As most of the models are high poly and NOT free that would be a few problems right there. Even the free models may not allow the useage under 0 A.D.'s licenseing. And all the model's I've seen were very high poly compared to what is the current needs for 0 A.D. Please correct me if I'm wrong as I have not tried Poser since waaaaaaaaaaaay back!
  4. One free cross platform 3D modeler I like is Misfit Model 3D It does not export to the Collada format but AutoDesk has free FBX Converters that fix that problem. They are also available for different Operating Systems. What I do is export to the obj format, convert to FBX then convert the FBX to Collada. There is also a free Collada converter that uses java. Whoola Collada Converter It does not save texture information but that does not matter for 0 A.D.
  5. When I click on links posted here a new tab opens but both tabs go to the link. Is it just me or is there something I'm missing?
  6. Bryce 7 can export Collada so you should be OK if you create the work in Bryce. I do know Bryce had a problem with importing any format except the obj format. I do not know if that issue is solved or not. Testing with Bryce 7.1 and importing known good Collada files from 0 A.D. will not export. All the base obj files i worked with to create the 0 A.D. files will import and then export to Collada with no problems. There is some extra info in the final Collada files that is not used by 0 A.D. but I don't think it matters.
  7. I'm very impressed with all the samples! About 5 years ago I went to Los Vegas and saw Cirque du Soleil perform. I was blown away by the music!! And I consider myself a Hard Core Heavy Metal type Guy. I now listen to thier sound tracks, but Live is UNREAL! (The composers are fantastic!) Apoctolyptica suggested by a friend in Finland. (Metalica by Concert level Musicians!) And even my Cousins playing of the Bag Pipes! (That I'll have to post pictures of but he is not bad!)
  8. Smaller Ships should move slower then the bigger Ships in some cases. A Ship rowed by one or two Guys should not move as fast as one with 30 or 40 rowers and several sails. Building Ships, no matter if a small fisher unit or a large War Ship should still be done at the desiginated point as is done now.
  9. Myself? I avoid any Game that looks like I'm watching a Cartoon. It may be the greatest Game in the World to others but to me it comes across as an insult to my senses. That may be due to my time in service and my thought that any type War should not be protrayed as a Cartoon. When Fred Flintstone starts hacking at people? I am offended in a way that goes beyond words! Cartoons should not be used to make any War seem acceptable. Not even in a Game. War is blood and death in a very gory and long lasting, disturbing way. It's enuff that we have some realistic Games that desensitize kids nowdays.
  10. Read this section to start. The whole document is a good resource. There is a working python script that converts the PMD files, or a stand alone version for Windows if you don't know how to run python scripts. (Or your lazy like me. ) The bones are not converted at this time however. Once I get the last few problems sorted out on my system, I'll get that section finished.
  11. - you're actually working on.

    I must admit I'm not that familiar with this kind of game though - but I don't doubt it must be a cool one as it caught your interest.

    See you soon, mate ! ;)

    Kind regards,


  12. Hello J,

    (sorry for this late answer, am still not familiar with this site actually)

    No,I've still not been trying this game - I'm going through important tasks that will have a big impact on my future actually, that's why the less time spent in front of the pc is the better to me nowadays. But I'll dl it this month,just to have a look at the game you're actually w...

  13. Hi Alex,

    It's good to see you here my Froggy Friend!

    Have you downloaded and played this Game yet?

    It is WAY Cool!

  14. Thank You Erik. Alex started as a Beta tester for GWX and earned his place as a Dev on that Team. I started teaseing him long ago and called him Adrian Monk (from the TV Show) back then. He is quite the 3D artist himself now and a very nice Guy and valued Friend. As a side note, The House is rescaled. I've also started a new Trireme and a new Barracks. On the barracks I'll finish the rough prototype for approval before commiting to it completely. I have the rough shape so far and will only UV it enuff for a Go or No Go on it.
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