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Carthage Map!


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*Hint* If you notice the date of the post you'll see this was before the Carthaginians were released ;) *Hint*

Thanks, it was understandable. You don't know where to download the file from the post number 25 in this topic?

(The Final Siege of Carthage.zip

Size:114.17 KB)

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Sorry I missed all the posts - for some reason I'm not subscribed to this. Anyway, I found a Carthage.zip in my documents and uploaded it to 0ad.me again, but it's waiting for Admin approval - when that comes I'll post the link here. Or asmartgoat will, since I think that's his site. Otherwise, just browse around on the site to see if it's there.

I haven't changed it, so there could be errors with all the changes that have been going on with 0ad.

EDIT: Here's the link: http://0ad.me/sword/download.php?view.15

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