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incorrect species used in some maps

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I tried Alpha 3 and I spotted, that in European maps White-tailed deer is used (at least its icon suggests it clearly - see shape of antlers). Thing is, that it is american specie.

In Europe it would make more sense to either use Red Deer or Roe Deer which is much smaller, but also much more common.

Another thing is some North African map. Gazelles could be found here. These look like Red-fronted Gazelle or Thomson's Gazelle both actually living south of Sahara.

Of course, it is not certain if these weren't extinguished in North Africa by men, but I doubt that. I'd suggest to replace them with Bubal Hartebeest or North African Asses (all now extinct :)) or species of Gazelle native to North Africa. Also Cuvier's Gazelle lives in North-Wester Africa (however prefers woodland areas, not desert). Hm. maybe you mean Dorcas Gazelle. Then it would be OK. But perhaps adding some other species could be nice (Berber Lion, Atlas Bear or those I already mentioned) but I understand that you don't want to overdo it.

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Take a look at this website for info on extinct species and subspecies, some of which belong to the area being depicted.


Besides the red gazelle and the three species of gazelle from the Arabian peninsula, the main extinct North African antelope is the bubal hartebeest. Other than that, the Syrian wild a ss, Syrian elephant, North African elephant, Atlas bear, Barbary lion, Caspian tiger, Eurasian lion, and tarpan are important to remember.

Dorcas gazelle should be OK at least for northeast Africa. Also consider the addax or ibex. (Ibex, together with their relatives the tahr, have the advantage of existing in some form on all shores of the Mediterranean plus the Caucasus, so they can provide for multiple regions.)

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well I could do that but unfortunatly my understanding of 3dmax is autodidactive and so I have a hard time to understand the bone system pyrogenesis uses

basically I havent heard about "bone system" before getting here :D i have alway work my own structures and do not know how to make the game work with them :)

PS why is my avatar not being showed!

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My preference would be to include 100+ animal species, but we have to pick and choose. 99% of the animals we do have aren't even rigged or animated yet. :)

Of course. I just want to help make sure the animals and plants in the game are all correct for the region.

Regarding deer, another option for the Mediterranean area is the fallow deer. I don't know if they existed in North Africa already, but I think they were in southeast Europe and southwest Asia by 500 B.C.

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Oh, I totally forgot about them! They are native to Arabia and also used to live in Egypt. They're not exactly the most generic-looking antelope, though. If there is only one antelope species a gazelle or hartebeest would work better. Probably gazelle, since those also lived in Arabia and nearby Asian regions also have their own gazelle species.

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hey, late reply to this thread, but i would like to present the idea that there are unit classes for animals as well, which change depending on what the "gaia" player of the map is, either by which civilization is used, by biome, or by continent. this way, there's only archetypal animals as units but they are changed via encoding so that (generally) the correct animals are presented

if you all want, i could come up with a good listing of animal archetypes ;)

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