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(Currently there's basically no unit AI, just a badly-designed state machine for basic testing - it'll need to be rewritten to handle order queues, combat stances, etc. Preferably it would be rewritten by someone with AI experience who can design it better than my current attempt ;))

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I know this isn't auto-attacking, but its still "troop stance" stuff, so here goes:

What about a system that when a troop has less than, say 25% hitpoints, it goes to the healing station automatically, and when its fully healed goes back to its original position. Or maybe a button function in the healing station that sends all the nearest critically injured soldiers back to camp to heal, and returns them to their original positions.

This would be mainly to save players the trouble of wedging in units who are about to die, and the tedious task of extracting the fully healed units. Players of AoEIII might remember this happening around the Field Hospitals, which by the way had a terrible healing radius (please make the radius big enough for at least three rows of horses!).

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