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No offence, and it can be easy to miss, but have you read the 0 A.D. front page or have you just looked for a download link? :P;)

I'm just asking since at the top of the page it clearly says "0 A.D. is a game currently under development by Wildfire Games" and a little bit below that there's a news post about open sourcing where we clearly say that we haven't released a playable game yet. That said, it is possible to download the game in its current unfinished state, but it's really just recommended for developers at the moment as it's a bit more complicated than to just download it. For more info you can check out http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions to see if you think it's worth the amount of work it requires.

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Yes, I have readed that.

It doesn't seem so.

I admire patience of people here. Still reading same questions asking about download and still answering them politely.

I doubt that elsewhere would be so polite and wouldn't send you to places where Sun doesn't rise.

So you have been worked at 0.ad since 2001, without a release? ;)

They are few in numbers and also have lives to live. It isn't their full time job.

Personally, I admire what they achieved. Try to join them and you'll soon understand.

If you were doing such game, would you be faster? You'd have to develop own engine and so.

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On the other hand it is quite possible to make cool screenshots of your own in the Atlas editor with the assets provided in the Public Release. Think of it as a sandbox release.

EDIT: I am quite sure the latest build of pyrogenesis.exe is included in the public release and does not need to be compiled. Anyone confirm?

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