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Wat tatic will you use


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Like I said before (I'm not sure on this topic, but I think I did) I'm not going to give it out until the game is released on multiplayer, so no one would try to find a way to counter it while the game is being made.

And I'm NOT counting the Vita (how you say "Beta" in Greek (y) ) Version (If there's multiplayer on that one).

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@ Alexanderthegod5 - :banana::lol::lol:

@ Julius1 - srry for that disagreement with alexanderthegod5. just don't like if people always said off-topic even if ur just going a little bit on a 'sub-topic'

my tactic is making a little army with towers a round to cut off the attacks. then develop a large army to kill the oppontent in one, sometimes two, times. but this tactic only work at computer AI from easy and moderate. and doesn't hold against a expert computer.

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build walls instead of towers, cheaper, and if you wall off except in one place, you can force him to take down your wall or go to the open entrance. Either way you will still know where his troops are, and can respond appropriately. If towers cost a lot, why not just replace with something cheaper. You will get a bigger army and economy faster and will also have the option of building towers later.

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