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What TV-shows are you watching at the moment?

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So .... once again this thread is made ...

Last time this thread was up i started watching Battlestar Galactica, and i just finished season 1 ... downloading season 2 as we speak.

Anyone watching any good shows at the moment?

Im into Lost, Prison Break, BG, Jericho (my favourite) and maybe i'll start watching "the 4400" again, since i've seen the first two seasons.

Well...... what are you watching at the moment and is it any good? :)

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Not too much now, almost all the shows are repeats until the fall.

I'm watching the 4400, new season started a little while ago. Monk, and Psyche will be starting up this week on Friday, both of which are neat shows.

There's a new show called Burn Notice on USA network which looks quite promising and interesting.

I love Lost and Prison break too, the season finale for Lost was pretty neat. :)

I hope Jericho will get another season too.

I don't know if anyone watches Hell's Kitchen, but its a pretty neat show.

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I know Monk is about a paranoid, phobia-wracked detective played by Tony Shaloub (sp?). Its a pretty fun show :) I'm with you, Øyvind, on what Psyche is exactly :)

As for TV shows, I don't really watch anything religiously or even watch the networks that much. About the closest thing I could say would be Report on Business Television (ROBTV) and sports channels.

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Psyche is another show on USA network, usually right after monk is on. It's about this guy who have really good observation skills, and sets up a fake psychic business. He solves crimes pretending he is a psychic, its an interesting show if you like shows like Monk.

@Arg: Oh don't worry it gets really weird later on throughout the seasons and becomes so addictive to watch and wait for the next week! The story gets better later on. :)

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I'm now in the middle of season 3 and it all got a little bit better but with all the new guys around it's not as fun as season 1 anymore. But I guess that's almost always the case with series like this. The first is the most original and "easy" and after that it all gets complicated you see that with a lot of series. Still addictive, though. :)

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