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Civilizations variants (Sub-factions)


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""A variant civilization is a type of civilization in Age of Empires IV introduced in The Sultans Ascend.


Each variant civilization offers new unique ways to play one of the classic civilizations while still keeping with that civilization's overall themes and aesthetics. In most cases, a variant civilization uses their parent civilization's architecture, technologies, buildings (including landmarks), units, and audio-design, with a few exceptions where their unique concepts come into play.""



The only thing that can keep me coming back to this place is simply seeing how ideas blossom.


Well all nonsense aside let's talk about "Not my new" idea because it's not new, I've come up with this about three or four times before.


My inspiration was Rome total war 2 where you could select their factions to start the campaign mode obviously when I raised that my idea was very very green.


What happens is that now one of our biggest competitors managed to implement it better than I could have expected.



I was seeing that the new version of AoE IV has this idea well implemented.


Basically it is a modification of the base civilization. Adapting it to a hero or a chronological stage, we could talk about dynasties.


That, for example, with Republican Rome we could have:


Julia Gens: Caesar + Augustus + Marius

Cornelia Gens or Optimates:  Pompey,Sulla...etc


We could also have a pre-roman: Kingdome of Rome.


With Macedonia we could have the Alexandrian Empire and then the Antigonid Kingdom.

With Gauls, we could have several Gallic tribes and we could also include the Eastern Gauls.

With the Iberians some things would be quite good for us because we could separate the Iberians into variants.


I was telling Stanislao that I would like to include more Italian or Italianic factions, Samnites, Italiotes and some ancient version of Rome.


With the sub-factions it won't be so difficult to put so many Greek factions in one package.


It occurs to me or I imagine that the folder in the simulation area could be inside the faction folder plain and simple with the name variant.

In the mods we would avoid silly debates about which part of the faction we should use as when we were discussing the Byzantine faction for example which period would be excellent to use.


If you think about it, Carthage could have its army of mercenaries, a civilization in style like Hannibal Barca would have.

And another based in Africa. and in sicily.


The Persians could have several versions of the army they had with various types of units.

Egypt could have Cleopatra's Romanized army.And the well-romanized armies of Cleopatra's ancestors.

The Seleucids they would have would be several of their provinces that later separated, such as the Pontus , Greco Bactrian(?).

China could have several armies that were composed of regions and factions.


The combinations can be unlimited and this would also give us the advantage of giving bonus to a single faction  just by choosing the variant.


The variants would be versions of a faction.

The base variant could be faction 1.0 then 1.2 then 1.3.

The base would be the original one from Wildfiregames.

So for example 1.2 would be the armies of the Gallic Wars.(Caesar or Caesarian Army).

With Sparta we could already have a Macedonian phalanx version of the Spartan army.

I already know that they are implementing reforms in the game.


I'm going to put the video that inspired me, it's in Spanish.

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43 minutes ago, Outis said:

Effectively, this is similar to the hero choices in DE, but with less emphasis on the hero, isnt it?

A little bit of that, what happens is that this will serve to have a much greater number of small variations of the same faction.

We could have a  Rome that has a civil war theme ,  like Sulla, Caesar and Marius, another that has a triumvirate Crssus, Pompey and Caesar,  another that is the second triumvirate Lepidus, Anthony , Octavian, a Roma that is from the time of the Macedonic Wars, the Rome of the time of Spartacus, the Rome before the Punic War, the Rome before the Punic War(Roman Hoplites).

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22 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

The main difference that I see is that it would be chosen differently from how it is chosen at age 4.


I would make another menu to choose the variant


Yes is like to split a single faction in several variations or versions.

These changes are subtle.

In what IV is talking about factions.In our game, what is already thought about factions is to talk about their variant factions or versions.


For example, this problem of variation would be excellent to settle the problem of the third century with the Romans.

That it has been planned to have three Romes and not four.


So, for example, Aurelian's Rome would be a variant of imperial Rome.


For example, we would have a more African Carthage and less about mercenaries.

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