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Official Funny/Weird/Amazing Picture Thread

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Seeing as there is no thread dedicated to posting those wacky pictures we all find floating through cyberspace, here it is. If you have a picture that makes you laugh or find incredible, post it here!

I'll kick it off with a couple that I've found.

First off is a wonderful (seemingly Photoshopped) image of a lovely young couple enjoying their wedding day...... Although they are nothing like this, the picture reminds me of my brother and his girlfriend, mostly because we like to make fun of them for being the perfect couple :) I don't know why, but it makes me laugh :P

And here's a picture that is pretty amazing. This fella lives in one of the northern territories of Canada. According to the net story (dubious at best), he took in this orphaned moose as a calf. Well he grew and decided that he liked the life he had. Evidently he's quite content to live at the gentleman's homestead and be put to work clearing land :P Funny in any case.

Okay guys! Your turn :P

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Lol! Nice one, Michael. :)

Here's one for you, Paul:




Rodent strikes back:



EDIT: Haha, okay, I found another one: http://myrtus.typepad.com/photos/uncategor.../squirrelmg.jpg

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