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Time to report barcodes's behavior


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See the extract below or the full mainlog.html attached.

I know this report might cost me one day mute and multiple kicks as before if he is another @Norse_Harold's friend but Barcodes' behavior deserves this risk.

BYW ModerationBot stacked lots of his sentences in lobby yesterday. Why nothing happened @Norse_Harold ? They were obvious!

$ python3 ~/.config/0ad/logs/0adextract_chat.py  --enable-all-chat  |grep ^Barcodes
Barcodes (1739): pers
Barcodes (1739): /allies 2
Barcodes (1739): /allies where are u guys
Barcodes (1739): /allies Rigimaru7 (1317) border
Barcodes (1739): better call saul!
Barcodes (1739): favela lol sniper12 (1735)
Barcodes (1739): /allies food juarca (1353) pls
Barcodes (1739): Larsvandijk (1397)
Barcodes (1739): what the @#$%
Barcodes (1739): are you doing
Barcodes (1739): ????
Barcodes (1739): is Larsvandijk (1397) a real person?
Barcodes (1739): why are u so retarded
Barcodes (1739): what was the point in that Larsvandijk (1397)
Barcodes (1739): yes but why are u building a base in the middle of the map
Barcodes (1739): no one is gonna attack u there and its useless
Barcodes (1739): now i have to deal with this @#$% because you are an idiot
Barcodes (1739): Larsvandijk (1397) are you going to kill 1984 (1412) with 20 units?
Barcodes (1739): 2 tgs in a row where i have to play with donkeys
Barcodes (1739): MarcAurel (1539) its unfair
Barcodes (1739): how is Larsvandijk (1397) so bad
Barcodes (1739): this guy has been playing this game for a long time
Barcodes (1739): and he's 1200 max
Barcodes (1739): i don't understnad
Barcodes (1739): anyway gg
Barcodes (1739): i hate early resigning on my team mates but there is no hope when playing with people like Larsvandijk (1397)
Barcodes (1739): MarcAurel (1539) i didn't just say that for no reason
Barcodes (1739): we tried to communicate multiple times to him and he ignores and suicides
Barcodes (1739): how can u not be mad at someone wasting time
Barcodes (1739): i prefer criticism personally
Barcodes (1739): 1984 (1412) you report people on the internet
Barcodes (1739): you must be insecure irl
Barcodes (1739): 1984 (1412) get a grip
Barcodes (1739): shut tf up soft clown
Barcodes (1739): u must be fat
Barcodes (1739): or gay

Barcodes (1739): please do it
Barcodes (1739): it makes u look bad not me
Barcodes (1739): lol



Edited by 1984
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Thanks for the report. It's helpful.

Please be honest about why you were muted. You were muted in the past because you demanded excessive moderator action for i_am_groot and you did not comply with the rule to conduct request for appeal privately instead of publicly.

You will never be muted merely for making a report of misconduct, even if it's about my friends.

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