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Help compiling alpha 23b Ken Wood


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Hi, I am trying to go back a little and enjoy Alpha 23b as this is my favorite release.


I have downloaded data and source code from https://releases.wildfiregames.com/.


First step:

cd 0ad/build/workspaces
./update-workspaces.sh -j3

 is successful.


However, when i do

cd gcc
make -j3

I get the following error:

==== Building mocks_real (release) ====
==== Building network (release) ====
==== Building tinygettext (release) ====
==== Building lobby (release) ====
==== Building glooxwrapper (release) ====
==== Building simulation2 (release) ====
==== Building scriptinterface (release) ====
==== Building engine (release) ====
In file included from ../../../source/ps/KeyName.h:22,
                 from ../../../source/ps/Globals.h:23,
                 from ../../../source/ps/Globals.cpp:19:
../../../source/lib/external_libraries/libsdl.h:32:11: fatal error: SDL.h: No such file or directory
   32 | # include "SDL.h"
      |           ^~~~~~~
compilation terminated.

But i have libsdl2-dev installed on my Linux Mint system.


Any idea why this is not working?





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There were a lot of changes to the build system since Alpha 23b. It's possible that the way we discovered includes then no longer works with newer distributions.

But it is indeed strange. Could be that you have multiple SDL2 installs? you can also try to install the non devel sdl2

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It looks like alpha 23 uses SDL2. If you are sure that you have libsdl2-dev installed then check whether you have pkgconfig installed, as 0ad uses pkgconfig to locate the path to the SDL include directory.

A quick way to verify that your build environment is correct is to check whether you can build 0ad alpha 25 or alpha 26 on your system. This command installs the build dependencies of the current version of 0ad, which should get you most of the way to having the build dependencies for alpha 23.

sudo apt-get build-dep 0ad

You're bound to encounter other problems building alpha 23 unless you use distro-maintained patches. Fortunately, Debian still has alpha 23 maintained for a current version of Linux. You can copy their patches and build rules or mimic them manually. If you have the ability to add a deb-src PPA for Debian packages then you could use apt-get source 0ad/bullseye to obtain the already-patched source code. Just make sure to remove the PPA afterward so that packages are only installed from the Mint repositories.

If you obtain the Debian-patched source code for alpha 23 then you can look at the Build-Dep line of 0ad-0.0.23/debian/control and verify that you have installed the packages listed there.


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