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I was wndering if u'r gonna give the sourcecode...

It will help a lot of indie develolpers...

And I was also wondering if you are going to give the graphics free(the 3D animated models + texture)

I would love it... cuz when i make my games i need graphics...

Of course no games to be public but... for own use

Like I make a game to see my skils and only I play it(and maybe some of my friends for testing)

I would realy apreciate if u would release the source and the gfx (mostly the gfx)

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This question gets asked very often, I wonder if we should make a sticky thread or put an FAQ somewhere answering this question?

Its been discussed very thuroughly and right now there are no plans to make the game open sourced...if you are interested enough to want to see it, find a way to contribute to the programming department and join to work with it hands on :blush:

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Our graphics are in pretty "open" formats, and furthermore we'll release importers/exporters from common formats. So, it's very likely that you'll be able to access them when you get the game. We certainly won't allow anyone to use them commercially, but I don't think it's even be possible to disallow personal use like you're mentioning. Lots of people use graphics from other sources for personal projects, and it's fine :blush:.

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