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A collection of tips & tricks that might help players improving


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Hello everyone,

I recently had a few conversations with players on the lobby about "how to improve". When I am being asked, I usually reply with: 1. watch replays 2. watch ValihrAnt videos 3. read this file. This file is what I am presenting in this thread: it's a collection of tips & tricks I initially shared with my friends and then made it public on my GitLab page.

It might be incomplete, it might be wrong in some of its parts, it might give importance to aspects that are not or viceversa, etc... I am not in the position of claiming this is a manual to become a good player. :) However, it might be useful to somebody and I'm happy to share if it helps.

The file is divided into three sections: 1. Interface, 2. Logistics, 3. Fighting. Each section contains a list of tips & tricks in sparse order; each tip comes with an extra tip.

Cheers ;)

Source: https://gitlab.com/mentula0ad/0ad-tips-and-tricks

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