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Found 5 results

  1. Flatpak and snap are two new technologies for distributing software. As far as I see you currently cover most Linux distros, so it is not really needed yet, but it could be an idea for offering 0ad in another way in the future. The advantages are that you can built the release yourself and it is (often) sandboxed. However, it may be large as you need to include all dependencies.
  2. Greetings "Why only I can install A21, even adding the repository that you have in your official page 0A.D. Deb http://debian.net/debian Jessie-backports main. I have an error and I can't only A21... Is there a way to play to A22"
  3. I'm trying to build the source on OpenSUSE and I keep getting errors. I'll try to build and it'll say it's missing libminiupnpc-devel. Then I'll install libminiupnpc-devel and build again, then it'll say I'm missing libXcursor-devel. I'll install libXcursor-devel and then build again, and it'll say I need this-or-that other package. This is really stupid! The dependencies should have all been installed in the first command, but they're not. This is different to Fedora. Fedora was much easier. Update: one minute later I get it working. Okay good but there is a quirk here with what packages are installed on OpenSUSE versus other Linux.
  4. Hi guys, I'm new on linux (mint) . I cant connect to the lobby. Is there anything to configure Firewall ? if yes, how ? Thanks!
  5. I see today in sofware manager of Linux Mint, 0 A.D haven't a proper icon for the store. And that is not good because isnt good looking. And i want to know how I can change this. First I'll do is study the other icons, and evn other store (non linux example steam, apple store, windows etc) then i need know the resolution i do very proposed with strong desing argumen( color palette based in the color theory, uniform design with team main interface art etc) PD: I paste screen shot soon.
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