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Found 6 results

  1. Minimap. I want crearte dome Basic buttons, in monochromatic like this. Easy to produce. Easy to recognize Elegant("less is more", concept) Tiny size even more than our actual most tiny buttons.
  2. Hello. Could it be possible to add other social media icons on the front page ? https://www.reddit.com/r/0ad/ https://www.youtube.com/user/play0ad https://www.gamereplays.org/ needs to be created (see also : link ) and why not icons for - forum - irc channel
  3. Pureon art style, I'm not sure what techniques he is using... even he ask to new artist developers if can imitate this style. Style very close or similar to AoE3 . I need community help to take this.
  4. Some new buildings don't come with a new icon. #3959 Vesta (WIP) Ceres. I make a mistake but.... can be helpful later this image
  5. first you need use photoshop now open editor and found the unit that need to work select unit viewer in the bottom left corner use "cuts" or some image capture screenshots in your computer I Was select "attack melee" and then press Pause when the unit is ready to perform the attack, this step is as you will. open Photoshop and Paste the image (ctrl+v) use Magic Wand Tool (W in the keyboard shorcut) in order to select white background, if is not select it all press again with this time holding shift key. then press delete to delete white area, in the pop up window, select: "use black" now cut the image use shortcut (ctrl+C) and paste again (ctrl+V), if you see layer panel now is a new Layer there are 2 Layers move over white the image use arrow keys in keyboard to do it, then apply the changes selecting other tool(Whichever) Go to new Layer (Unit layer) and select Inner Glow first we use inner then we will use outer glow so you use these config to crate a golden aura ouside of our unit now find a portarit to replace, clone etc. open in photoshop replace all with black (Ctrl+a) then Delete, fill with black go to menu now paste copy the unit and paste over portrait image resize the image, not all as you wish but no all. now press save the image, its done
  6. HI i Find the box icon too boring so i decided to Make icons for it (its in a .tga format) Can you tell me how to Replace the original formation icon files?? i tried sending email to you guys but still ni reply so ill ask here
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