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Found 7 results

  1. icons for mods etc... Golden magnifying glass. plus minus ai icon
  2. One my youtubers talking about Shields. A review about them.
  3. New standard. Background template. TY to @wowgetoffyourcellphone
  4. I open this topic to create with teammates props per icons related to technologies so to The community is open to participate. First Loom... @stanislas69 you can help ...:)
  5. Proposal for Aristeia Hello team developers , players and contributors, I want diversify Aristeia gameplay, using other mods. - I ask to @Wowgetoffyourcellphone if I can use some of Delenda est code to our game. The included changes will be - can build storehouses and farmsteads outside territory but they lost health ( Delenda est) - have temple bonus heal nearby units with visual aura (Delenda est) -have Lordgood wheat farms ( Ponies Ascendants) -have Lion's basic tech tree ( see the link. http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19468&hl=lion) as default for every culture
  6. This one is Template Tech tree for Antiquity Theme Based in several Strategy games and 0.A.D Colony Concept is complement to A17. My Technology tree, is incomplete because the other part is the Official Tech Tree (A17 Release) and are missing some Special Technologies for each Faction and Civilizations because is generic have Basic Technologies for every Civilization in Ancient Time Frame (Bronze and Iron Late Antiquity) I was posted here becasuse Im not sure if Devs are interesting in or some Modders. Can be Adapted to Medieval nd other Ages. Civic Centre Technologies Craftmanship Artists V
  7. Introduction. May be many of them can be in final release. I want to create a "mod" where players can find contrnido and extra gameplay under the supervision of COM and WFG team, do this group of extras modifications would be something like a small expansion to the game, and as an artistic contribution from me to you guys For now this a little scratchy Mini factions: Mercenaries and Gaia Neutral from Subfactions Marcenary Camp These places are special sites located near Native Mercenaries of each biomes, settlements or along Trade Routes. An Explorer or a Settler can build the Marcenary Camp
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