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  1. I think its great that people protest for something they find unfair.

    However, the French is kind of famous for it. Which is kind of unfair I think. Most countries in Europe have strikes (all the time actually) and protests, it's just that the French gets a lot of media coverage because their all drama and violence :ok:

    But I support strikes that are valid. It's not fair that police officers dont get additional payment for armed operations (for example). They risk their lives.

  2. Haha, great reply!

    Don't really know that much about work ethics though, and of course we both stereotype but thats how it is when neither of us have lived there :)

    But don't you think that if you moved to, lets say Italy, that you would learn the language? Of course, my reply would depend on me learning the language to some extent.

    And I do understand that a person from Israel (which is pretty much summer all year right?) would have a hard time in Canada where there is real winter :ok:

  3. Topic pretty much says it all.

    However, I will give you all a guide on how to reply, since there are low activity these days....

    - Name 1,2 or 3 different countries. The one you live in is NOT allowed. Also, "thats just gay, USA is the best, richest and most powerful country in the world so I wouldnt wanna live anywhere else BRO" is NOT a valid answer!

    - Explain why you would wanna live there.

    - Replying on someones post is allowed. Like "That sounds good" and so on and so forth. But even replies to replies should have more than 1 sentence!

    I'll even show you:

    How NOT to reply:

    "I would live in New Zealand, Cuba and South Africa! Cause it would be awesome!"

    The right way (Which also is my reply to the topic of this thread)

    I would want to live in Italy. It seems as they have a great culture, rich and vast history, a lot of interesting people and a lot of great food. I do believe that they are kind of crazy, but I've heard that it is a beautiful country with open-minded people and a great hearth for hospitality.

    I would also want to leave in Germany. Was there in vacation (ROADTRIP!) this summer and even though some people there were really rude there were a lot of really nice people that I got to know. And also I met a lot of other people vacating there so I would guess it is a target for vacations for a lot of people.

    Also, their football (soccer) stadiums seems insane, and that is something you cannot be without when moving to a new country.

    Last but not at all least, I would LOVE to live in England. North-London to be more specific. We all love english people right? The people, the culture and of course Tottenham Hotspur which is the team in my hearth. I bleed spurs! :ok: So seeing them on White Hart Lane every other sunday would be a dream!

    Give it a shot people, it might be fun! :)

  4. Thanks Aviv, got me a E :P Had to leave after 2 hours though, so just happy I didn't fail :victory:

    @Firepowa8: Hehe, if your single, I heard that Canada has the best looking woman in the world. Read it in some article a while back. Lucky you!

    @Auron2: haha, you'll figure it out. Just think about what you like to do when you grow up and try to focus on something related to that (y)

  5. I find economics interesting. Some of it. I have macro-economics, basic budgeting and results and all that stuff.

    the macro is very interesting, also because I like having fun on the stockmarket. Although I'm losing quite a bit of money these days... ;)

    Also, everyone should know basic economics for their own good.

    Tuesday and wednesday I have exams in both Statistics and basic economics :\

  6. Zidane pulled the epic move in his last game for France. So even though it was one of the best moments in football, it was very sad cause he will be remembered for that, instead of the fact that he was the best player in the world for some years.

    Well, I hope Argentina, USA and Netherlands will do well. And as everyone else up here I also hope England will do well.

    But to be realistic, Spain will probably win (altough Xavi may not play cause of injury). Also Brazil has a very strong squad.

    When your own country (Norway) did'nt qualify you change from that one team to several teams because it doesn't really matter that much who wins but it's nice to watch games and have a team in the match that you hope wins.

    Anyway, extremely excited, it's not that long. I just cant wait.

    Btw, as a Tottenham Hotspur megafan, keep an eye out for Aaron Lennon, winger on England. Also, Ledley King and Tom Huddlestone! ;)

  7. @TheCobra: What is USMC ROTC programme? Some kind of NASA stuff? ;)

    @Jeru: Sound interesting. For smart people :) So it's basicly a lot of math and science?

    @Matt: Congratulations! Even though after watching How I met your mother (TV show) I'm not sure it's a good idea .... haha,.. just kidding of course.

    So your business, maybe some footage we might have seen? Sounds very fun! And good luck making children. I hear that making them is the best part =p

  8. The..... French? :)

    It's a very very great team. However, they did not include Benzema in their squad. Very wierd after my opinion. All their offensive now lies on Henry (which has not been in form lately), Anelka and of course Ribery :)

    But they can surprise, even though they BARELY, and I mean VERY barely even made it to South Africa. A foul (Handball) from Henry saved it against Ireland ;)

  9. Wow, really dead here these days! Time to get the blood pumping again!

    So, where are you in your life right now? School? Work? Any new kids coming? :)

    Just suppose to be a fun thread about your life! So that we all get to know one another a little bit better!

    I'll start:

    I'm currently very occupied by exams these days. I'm studying market economics (best translation I could come up with) at a private school called BI. Next year I'm back at public school, which will be the University of Stavanger (western norway). There I will study travelling management.

    Oh, and today we celebrated our national day, the 17th of may. And for the first time ever, I didn't see the parades and all that, cause I had to read and prepare for exams :)

    SO, whats up with YOU?

    hugs, Øyvi ;)

  10. And that complicate things.

    If you refuse to obey orders, you get lined up and shot by your commanding officer.

    If you don't, you kill innocent civilians and there a big chance you'll have to pay for it later...

    However, the german common soldier in the 1945's didnt have to moral and ethics we do, they did not have the information nor the education.

    With this in mind, and the fact that Hitler was all around the "3rd reich" with his propaganda, should the soldiers really be punished?

    Yes, they did something terrible.

    Yes, they probably had voices inside them saying this is wrong.


    They were influenced by their commanding officers

    They did not have the same education or understanding as we do today

    There were constant propaganda against Jews and other minorities from 1933 (?) -> 1945.

    They would most likely die if they refused to obey the orders.

  11. How do people on WFG feel about football (soccer for you Americans)?

    Who's gonna watch Champions League finals? Big surprise that Barcelona was beaten by Inter Milano and that there are no English teams in the finals.

    It's gonna be a big day, and I read that the CL (Champions League) finals for the first time in history have more viewers that the American Super Bowl. Which makes it the biggest sporting event in the world.

    If there are more soccer fans here, my teams are pretty much Tottenham Hotspur in England, and Viking FK in Norway. In Italy I like Milan and in Spain I like Barcelona. But my true feelings are with Tottenham and Viking. A loss or a win for those two teams makes my week good or bad, so there are big emotional aspects in this!

    So do you watch football\soccer and which is your favourite team?

    And to finish off, I encourage everyone to watch Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur this wednesday. If we (Tottenham) win we'll make it to fourth place which make us ready for Champions League next year!! :)

    cheers! ;)

  12. Hey :)

    For a while I've been discussing on a forum (one of 3 I'm still active in, including this one) what punishment german soldiers should get from killing jews and others in the consentration camps.

    Also, the discussion evolved when the news of American soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners. Which were reported a couple of weeks ago.

    Some of the basics in the discussion is whether German soldiers got death penalty for refusing to obey orders.

    My belief is that both American soldiers today, and German soldiers back in the days should get punished (not by death) for their actions, even though they were ordered to do so.

    So to sum up the core:

    - Should German soldiers get punishment for (e.i) killing jews during WW2?

    - Should American soldiers get punishment for torture and other crimes in Iraq, even though they were ordered to? (If they did not get ordered to, it's pretty logical that they should be punished!)

    - What is the punishment for refusing to obey orders? (first and foremost in WW2)



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