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  1. I have already found peace with the fact that everything on my new extern disk is lost. (if you call running around screaming and yelling bad words for peace...) I cut\pasted all my stuff into it, and right now as we speak, it's being formatted. Because it's no longer a NTFS drive, and it has too be as far as I know.

    Anyway, i bought a new disk yesterday, from Seagate. This morning, when i restarted my computer, all that my computer did was pop up a "safely removal" thing, which found the drive, even with it's name. But I couldn't see it on "my computer" and nowhere else.

    SO, I read at this Norwegian forum that you could right click on "my computer" and find this .... and find the drives. Which I did. But it did not help at all. So in my frustration I deleted it.. The Freeagent GO disk (which is its name). After that, I got it back into the menu there, but this time it HAD to be formatted. I even found it on My computer, but it also said "format "yes" or "no"..." so after a while of trying a lot of things, I now just pressed YES!

    Anyway, this has happened before on other extern disks I have borrowed, and if SOMEONE could PLEASE help me figure out what to do next time, I would be most happy. How do i enter the disk after it's "gone"?

    Also, thought you want to know that I have Windows XP, either Home or Pro, don't really know. AND it's a laptop :P

    Please people, help me out if you can ;=)

    Love from Øyvind ;=)

  2. @Tilanus: I am pretty sure the pedophile thing was for fun :=)

    But children has nothing to do in a RTS _game_ imo, just makes a complicated game more complicated, and when it gets TOO complicated, most gamers loose interest.

  3. Whats up with all the pedophiles?

    Children does not have anything to do in a game imo, mostly because RTS games in most cases equals war. And war is no place for children. Also, for a RTS game that already struggles towards making most out of little (thinking about extra models and old computers here) these things are not useful and only take up space.

    And if you want children that bad (not trying to accuse you of anything :P) you could always make a children-mod. However, THAT would be pedophile! So please don't.

  4. Hei! God dag!

    So, hey everyone! How are you?

    Just thought I'd make this topic to enlighten everyone!

    Liverpool and Stavanger (my home) are the two capitols of culture this year. It is an extremely big deal in this city, don't know about Liverpool.

    Anyway, anyone plan on going over here? My home was about 5 minutes from the city center. Got thrown out however, so I live at Sola, about 15 minutes from the city now :P

    ANYWAY, hehe, I guess what I'm trying to say is that this is a really big and expensive project over here, and that you guys should come and check everything out. As a vacation. That is the real deal here, I am trying to convince you to visit Norway and Stavanger in your summer-vacation. :)

    That's it for now. Hope someone will come ? ;) ehehehe, I could show y'all the town! I'll buy the beers :P

  5. Could write a book to discuss this I guess, but I just want to say something about the popsize. Because that is something that is a BIG deal.

    When you play Age of Empires, doesn't it bother you that the cap size is so small? I realize, back then computers wouldn't handle more units on the screen (It all comes down to computer hardware right?). And that is great at start, but now. Couldn't computers handle a cap size at a thousand in i.e Age of Empires? Just using at as an example.

    My point: When the cap size in 0ad is to be set, you should consider that computer hardware evolve, so in a few years, more units can be handled.

    And that is not all, why not make it like in Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, where they have the usual "200, 300" and so on, and then 80.000 (don't know why it is that number), so that people who play on modern new computers can build huge armies! My point is: Cap size should be an option, or at least make it an option to make cap size not matter. If you know what I mean!

    About the shields: Not slow-down. Would affect a lot of gameplay. However, I think there should be some form of... I know I use a lot of examples and that most of you have never even heard of these games, but Praetorians. When a group (they use group-systems, you control a legion instead of single soldiers) enters the battle, and start a fight with another group, you have no control of what they do. You can pull them back, because they are deep into the fight. It's realistic. I think. You can't control them until the fight is over. This prevents a quick pull-back and flank I think. And also, it should NOT be impossible to flank. It should be up to the player himself how to deal with archers, soldiers and horsemen.

    Btw: Horsemen should cost much, _IF_ the "run over soldiers" feature is added. (like the ones in the Battle of Middle Earth games)

    Thanks ;=)

    And feneur (Erik:p), it's great that you answer us here. * Jeg er takknemlig for det :P *


  6. Well, a lot of blue screen? No I dont think there are too much bluescreen, as far as I know bluescreen is used when one animate, or people "fly" or drive cars, when you need something computer made. And of course, backgrounds and cities are often bluescreen, but not much fighting and stuff like that, as I said earlier, the fighting scenes are not that impressive. It's just a good series because they manage to capture the Robin Hood ... thing ... you get that good Robin Hood feeling :)

    But I have to say that some things in the show REALLY annoys me, it's really bad. Examples are how Robin refuse to KILL, so there are rarely any deaths, and that he won't kill the sheriff, even though he has chances all the time. Because they want to show people that he is so good, however, what people do not understand is that anyone like him would kill the sheriff who are killing innocent people everyday, to save others. ;)

    It's like war, you have to think that you are killing to save your own soldiers, that if you don't shoot a person you see, he could probably kill someone you know, or someone from your own army if you see what i mean Joseph :)

    ehe, but I just talk away, it's a good series, ^^

  7. No actually it's a series. 40 minutes, and about 13-14 episodes.

    The series (I'm not episode 4 or 5) is following the known line of the Robin Hood story, with some twists. However, they have added some funny elements, that I dont know if I like or not.. But it is an OK series, the fighting scenes are not very good, but the atmosphere is pretty great actually.

    All in all its just OK imo, but worth watching. And has some really nice landscape scenes!

  8. Hei hei Anders.

    Som du sikkert kan se i den andre posten litt over er det nok ganske lenge til spillet er ferdig dessverre. Og slik det ser ut på det her core forumet (hvor det er en annen thread om spm) så blir det IHVERTFALL 1 år til man har noe som helst å komme med. En alpha eller beta versjon.

    Koselig med Norsk right? :)

    Peace and love ;>

  9. There will be diplomacy right? :)

    Breaking and making alliances is part of every RTS, even though its not used that often. And it happens that people play 4v4 and so on, with much drama and alliances, backstabbing and so on ... Its a part of the game. If you can't handle it, don't play it =p hehe

    Anyway, don't make it complicated, but if anyone here has played Lord of the Realms 2 (yeah, there is a 3rd, but its RTS not turn-based, so I really didnt like it and dont know how the diplomacy works there), there you can send gifts to please your opponent, send letters of insult or compliment him, and also ask for alliances. It's very fun, at least in the single player. The opponent answer too =D

    and btw, Lord of the Realms 2 is freeware now I think, graphics are not that good, but it's really fun to play :) AND units walk on walls! ;)


  10. Edit: Sorry for long post, its just that English isn't my strongest language, so I use a lot of extra space to explain! :drunk:

    Well, the way I see it, and consider I have NO experience or skills in programming, but how I can think it could be done is this:

    First of all, units having more health. - I have always wanted a game with huge armies where people die after being hit by 1 (one) arrow, seeing a lot of deaths and more realistic battles. However, the armies had to be huge to make battles last more than 10 seconds.

    But in this game, I think if long battles are an objective, (and remember I would support any decision you guys make!!:crazy:) the health should be increased, or damage decreased. In comparison to other RTS's.

    BUT, much health and "long" battles wouldn't do ANY good if you can choose to walk right through the lines, heading right to ie. archers. Why build archers if the hitpoints is high, and it takes long time to kill each soldier, when this soldier can simply walk through your army and kill the archers. I have the impression that a swordman would kill archers pretty fast, like in other rts games.

    And how that should be done you ask? :P Well, it's up to the talented and skilled programmers of Wildfire to figure out, but how I see it, some sort of block. When an army is "holding a line", it should be impossible to walk through. So when you drag over 200 units, ie. soldiers with swords, they would have a formation that make them line up in 2 or 3 lines, making a wide line, with archers in the back. And it should be impossible to cross this, without making a whole in the lines of the enemy. Unless of course, you have horses. This should not be for horses, UNLESS again, you use pikemen in front. This would open up some insane (after my opinion insane AWESOME) new tactics to consider while playing. Not just rushing and not really caring how you line them up.

    Also, if you would be smart, you would place troops on the rears, like a box, except maybe not putting troops BEHIND the archers. If you guys understand what i mean. I really hope you do, if not, I will explain again ;p

    Anyway, longer battles with more tactical focus is something I have missed, and I STILL hope for units on walls, just so you know Michael!!! ;)

    And wow, it has to be the first time I actually say something that was right :) Yay, proud of myself! And the boarding thing you explained makes sense, and sounds awesome. Would make people have to actually put big, or good troops on ships. But will you get the ship when it's boarded? If not, I really don't see the point! :)

    Thanks for the discussion everyone, looking forward to replies! :drunk:

  11. In my opinion boarding makes playability less easy. Also, the ship turn thing makes things a lot harder. You have to keep in mind that while it sure would be cool if the ships where all you had to control, and RTS game is really complicated, because of all the tasks the player are facing.

    You have to make sure you have enough food, wood etc.

    Also, you probably have more than one army, at least I often do more than one battle at the time, and then it's everything else that you have to think, consider and do when you play a complicated RTS.

    Just hope 0ad is more of a battle game than a recourse game. And it would be awesome if you could actually have long battles, where units couldn't just walk right through the enemys army to get to the, ie. archers. Holding lines was pretty important back then I believe, and 10 men running through the enemys army to kill archers (as one often do in RTS's) is not likely. If that can't be done, the player is forced to think "outside the box", maybe make an ambush on those archers, or plan a good flank.

    Just what I think anyways

  12. Hello all. Once again I drop by! :) Good to see some activity on the boards here! ;)

    Anyway, I was just thinking about Christmas, and the fact that it is over. And then I was thinking (I think alot.. :)) about how traditions change from country to country and from family to family. Or does it?

    Anyway, in my family we always wake up late, go to God's place, the church. After that, we come home where mom is nearly done with the turkey (we always eat that), then we eat, open presents (yeah, in Norway we open presents at Christmas eve, after eating) and then we sit and have a good family time, which in my family happens rarely.

    SO, how are things done in YOUR family?`

    loooooove <3

  13. Hello WFG! :)

    I am at the moment sitting in my new apartement, just fixed the internet actually, and getting ready for bed (its 02:33 in the morning here) ...

    Anyway, moving from my parents in my little friendly neighboorhood to this big town (3rd biggest in little Norway i think) is pretty wierd for me.

    Anyway have any tips how to adjust? :)

    Or any other cool tips now that my mom isnt making me dinner, washing my clothes ect. and my father not paying the bills?

    Share with me here :D


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