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  1. Wow, it's been a while since I was over at TLA, but I still see a few names I recognize.

    Glad to know 0AD is still alive and well, prospering even! Downloading the alpha as I type :)

    But I wanted to come do some self promotion too, or just a chance to show old friends what I've been up to:


    It's a webseries I'm working on (as Cinematographer), and we're looking for funding to finish it, so I'm trying to get the word out.

    You can watch the entire first episode at http://www.nimbleseries.com

    If you guys could simply tell your friends about it (if you like it of course - not going to ask you to be disingenuous)

    and I'd love to just hear feedback and general thoughts on it

    How have things been over here?

  2. I'm ashamed that I announced my video at several forums and forgot to come home to WFG!!!! Anyway, here's the announcement from the other places:


    Black Pelican Down Prologue

    Haloism Entertainment would like to announce ElfTheHunter's first Machinima series, Black Pelican Down, with the release of a short 3 minute prologue. The series is based on Halo 2 events, following the story of a team of ODSTs as they try to accomplish their mission behind enemy lines. The series will have seven episodes (not including this Prologue) and will be released online in the Fall of 2007.

    The video is called Black Pelican Down Prologue and is being hosted/or in the process of being accepted at



    Stage 6


    Google Video

    Halo Movies




    A high quality version is also being hosted at


    please share and distribute at will


    Written & Directed by

    Shane Mackinnon



    Teresa Brecht, Tristan Corrigan, Ryan Luhman and Zack Kaufman

    Music Composed by

    Jed Smith


    Produced by

    Tristan Corrigan, Sheldon Mackinnon, Shane Mackinnon

    Edited by

    Tristan Corrigan, Shane Mackinnon

    -Shane Mackinnon


  3. Impressive, but having seen to-scale buildings and ships during development somehow takes the oomph from these. I understand (and agree) with the decision to compromise but can't help but dream of to-scale ship battles!

  4. Wow, it pays to keep checking out the site every now and then!! Even though I had played a version of the engine, and seen the screenshots, I was still blown away to see it all in motion, with so much detail.

    Obviously somethings were missing or off (lumbertracks, splashing water, etc) but those the tiniest flaws and almost dissapear when compared to the video in it's entirety!!

    I specially like the close fighting and sense of battle lines! Amazing guys, keep up the good work!

  5. First, the forums look different... instead of subforum being divided and seperated into colums they simply drag across the page... overall different look, but maybe that was intended. This very post window is differnt, lacking some tools along the top...

    Second, every time I return I have to log in. I don't think remember me is working...

    Third, sometimes there's a bit of art missing. I took a shot to show you where it is:


  6. Hey, crazy decisions happen all the time (in gaming and elsewhere).

    Look at The Fellowship of the Ring (by Vivendi), they practically mocked Tolkien and coincidently TTT and RotK games were cancelled.

    Bad decisions can happen anywhere, but it's true they know more about this controller than me, all I've seen is some articles (in which it was positivly critiqued) and pictures, but with all the source of info that I have on it, my conclusion is that it is the creaziest thing I've heard coming from Nintendo... but hey, I will probably be proven wrong.

  7. It's design is not original... here, they stole it from one of these:


    or here,


    a better idea, just go to www.google.com, switch to images and then type "Remote Controller".

    I just find it hilarious that Nintendo guys have finally gone wacko. Really, I can not possibily believe it works until I'm holding it in my hand and see it for myself...

    hahaha... hilarious...

  8. I haven't been able to play it yet, it spat out the following logfile:


    File 'Age3Log.txt' opened at Sat Sep 10 19:42:26 2005


    PreGame 1734: nvCPL reports 0 GPU(s).

    PreGame 1734: Unable to get SLI mode!

    I opened the config.xml and looked at stuff and here's what they had...


      <cardid id="0x0313" name="GeForceFX 5600" />

      <cardid id="0x0314" name="GeForceFX 5600SE" />

      <cardid id="0x031a" name="GeForceFX Go5600" />

      <cardid id="0x031c" name="GeForceFX Go700" />

      <cardid id="0x0322" name="GeForceFX 5200" />

      <cardid id="0x0323" name="GeForceFX 5200SE" />

      <cardid id="0x0324" name="GeForceFX Go5200" />

    I tried replacing it with


      <cardid id="0x0313" name="GeForceFX 5600" />

      <cardid id="0x0314" name="GeForceFX 5600SE" />

      <cardid id="0x031a" name="GeForceFX Go5600" />

      <cardid id="0x031c" name="GeForceFX Go5700" />

      <cardid id="0x0322" name="GeForceFX 5200" />

      <cardid id="0x0323" name="GeForceFX 5200SE" />

      <cardid id="0x0324" name="GeForceFX Go5200" />

    But I assume that it needs more correction than that because it still did not work, giving me the logfile again. And since my desktop is out of order for a few days at least, I am stranded on my laptop so I guess I just gotta go stare at the screenshots a bit more B)

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