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  1. It's not over yet... I'm climbing the volcano (so 1-2 levels left). I have since been forced to use the cheat save points (instead of the game checkpoints) because no way after I managed to kill that lone trigen in the cliff was i willing to do it again!!!

    Once I finish FarCry I will start Half-Life 2! I can feel the end.


    (wow, oh my god, I can't believe my yes, this will rock)

    I just saw the trailer for Sin City, I'm beaming with excitement (I also saw the trailer to SW:Ep3, which was also good). But Sin City is quickly rising to the top of my favorite trailers list, obviously I need some time to see if the effect wears off but they definently have me intrigued!!!!!

  3. “What if I told you that God and the devil made a wager, a kind of standing bet for the souls of all mankind?.”

    -note, I wanted to use a different quote but had inappropriate language


    Directed by Francis Lawrence

    Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Tilda Swinton

    R for violence and demonic images (and profanity but that’s not officially listed)

    Watch Ability – 9

    Actions movies and comedies usually score high in this category. Constantine, being an action thriller does a very good job at entertaining. I consider it up there with Matrix and Lord of the Rings in the watch ability category. I have in the past been too lenient in this category, but to be honest Spider-man 2 and similar films are the ones that deserve a 10, a 9 is fitting for Constantine.

    Genre Quality – 9

    Genre here being Comic book movies. While top scores are reserved to Spider-man 2 and X-2, I think Constantine can firmly stand along side the original movies in being one of the greatest Comic book adaptations. I definitely do not consider it a failure, and it only adds another success (even if not financially) to the genre.

    Originality – 9

    This I find a hard category to judge, because simply put I have not watch all movies ever made, and so I can only judge to my opinion. But, as far as that goes I found the concept of a action exorcist a fairly interesting idea. It’s a twist on the whole vampire/demon slayer character. I liked that Constantine was a player in the Hell and Heaven war, but not the key player. He was just another big factor, and one that does not feel more important than he should. He’s not Blade or The One, he’s simply the center of the story, not the center of the war.

    Acting – 8

    Keanu, while I know he’s a good actor, has a lot of trouble coming through. He fails to leave a character impression and identifying mark. He gets closer with Constantine, but still the character feels slightly bland. Now kudos to Peter Stormare, who played Satan himself… you could feel the corruption, but just when you think they reduced Satan to a twisted clown a spark of power is seen in his eye. When he realized there was a serious matter at hand, he was totally in control.

    Plot/Story – 9

    Bam, this to me was the greatest part of the movie. The story of hell and heaven was awesome, I could see mythologies and ideas here and there. The angelistic Gabriel who Constantine communicated with in order to talk to someone from the higher plane, the fact that half-breeds are breaking the rules here and there. The only problem was the actual plot that took place in the setting. The idea of the son of the devil seems like too much fantasy, because I have never heard of such a mythology. I just consider theology to be full of potential plots which should have been used, but I’m assuming the son of the devil was a character from the comics.

    Music/Sounds – 8

    The music was suitable, fulfilled its purpose but in my opinion failed to give the extra power needed to put it among the greats. For one, there is not theme I can think of which classifies great music. Not once in the entire film did I go, wow this is good music. And I don’t think it blends into the background out of respect of the film, but simply because it’s lacking the character needed to make it a integral part of the film. Unfortunately I must give it an 8.

    Trailer – 8 (not figured in overall score)

    Wow, the latest TV trailer they showed totally stumped me. I could not tell if I liked it or not, it was the one with the exotic eastern music and while it still showed the same scenes as earlier movies it managed to make a trailer that was unique. But the rest of the trailers were merely commercials, managing to capture my attention not due to the trailer but simply the movie material.

    Overall – 8.8

    +: Unique Setting

    +: Original Concept

    -: Flawed Acting

    -: Uninteresting Music

    I consider Constantine to be the best movie since Spider-man 2, which puts it over Alexander (which got a higher score). I think there’s two reasons, one is that I like the setting and thus my preference and the quality of the movie are different, and when breaking it down into the categories I was able to see that it failed in several areas.

    And another one is that I’m buckling down and getting more harsh, Alexander I believe should have been rated lower but I was too forgiving. I guess I just realized (well realized a while ago but only now acted on it) that I’m not really using my range of ratings from 1 to 10, they all are getting to high ratings. So I’m adjusting my reviewing methods. I’d like to hear if you guys agree with it or not.

  4. What is this sterotype that action stars are dumb and can't have serious films, you want proof that it's possible: Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai, Colin Farrel in Alexander, Russel Crowe in Gladiator (before he was known for low budget action movies), Mel Gibson in Braveheart (I think before he had only done action movies like Lethal Weapon)... Actions movies make money, and enable actors to work in the fields they want. It's a process, granted some actors don't feel the need to work on their passions and become action stars (Arnold) but for some it's only a way into getting power in hollywood.

    Vin Diesel is one who has huge passion and determination, I believe that he can make a great Hannibal film. Remember, he had nothing to do with XXX other than acting in it. But, I'm afraid that perhaps he is going to try to direct while lacking the skills.

    At least I'm cheering for the movie.

  5. I might be having a huge Halo 2 lan this summer, over at my school with 48-64 people. It's looking hopeful so far, but there's still many factors to worry about. And the school hasn't totally confirmed if I'm allowed to or not. If you want a road trip to Hutchinon, MN then you might just be able to make it :)

  6. Last weekend I had one of the best LAN parties ever, and I hosted it !!!

    20 people showed up, and since Halo 2 can only have 16 people playing at one time I had some elimination rounds. Then we split people into two teams, and they competed. In order to play over all maps I decided that after each round one person on each team would be eliminated, that way numbers would decrease until its 1 vs 1 and we could have a champion. Well, I decided it would be up to the team to vote off members but that turned out a mistake (gotta think of a more fair way to eliminate people, or a way around it).

    But overall the LAN was a lot of fun, after the tournament was over (and prizes given out: such as laminated awards, two strategy guides, 1 soundtrack and RedvsBlue Season One DVD). My team won every single match except for a crushing defeat on Zanzibar... I can't really explain what happened there. Our first round of defesense we all left to grap weapons and they just walked in and put the bomb down. On our defense it seemed like there were turrets and snipers everywhere. Then on their second turn on attack we both put up a good fight but they managed to get the gauss warthog on the side of base and killed us as we spawned... The first three games were amazing (though long) and the last four team slayer games were fun as well but I didn't do that well on them...

    The final champion ended up being one of the opposing team, but our team still were the victory teams.

    After that we played Zombie, where 1 person is on the zombie team and is only allowed to use the sword, everyone else is on the human size and can use anything but the sword. If the zombie kills you you switch over and become a zombie as well, this way eventually you have one human desperatly trying to survive 15 zombies.

    It was an overnight LAN, most fun I've had in a while. I'm already planning another one.

  7. WARNING : I have added SPOILER warnings so that I can make the review with both groups of people in mind. If you have not watched it, and you see a SPOILER in parenthesis please skip it. Specially for this movie, it’s really necessary!

    “Conquer your fear, and I promise you'll conquer death.”


    Directed by Oliver Stone

    Colin Farrell , Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto

    Rated R for violence and some sexuality/nudity

    Watch Ability – 9

    I know this will be a controversial review, I do not think there is a common opinion on this film, or at least it’s not the same as my opinion. Watch Ability is a bit low. There is a lot of talking, a lot of slow scenes. And most are not fully injected with enough intensity to justify them. Also I find myself uncomfortable with the amount of homosexuality, not enough to knock the movie but enough to lower watch ability (no offense to homosexuals). And the biggest factor to lower the score so much is the length of the movie.

    Genre Quality – 10

    I must congratulate Oliver Stone, his film is an amazing level of quality. The choices for locations, the special effects, the props are all of extreme quality. Really, this level of quality I have only seen in three other films, which are the Lord of the Rings films. And, they utilize this quality to a further degree by not challenging it more than needed. Basically, the movie doesn’t test its quality like Lord of the Rings does (such as openly using CGI). I respect both films.

    Originality – 10

    The key to Alexander. This movie is an independent film, which means that no big studio is backing it. Basically, the $50 million budget was raised from private investors. This allowed Oliver Stone and producers a level of control that is not found in studio films. They were allowed to try new ideas, try scenes and stories that regular films can’t because of studios. It’s odd, unprecedented and unique. I can not place a film that is similar to Alexander, and that’s worthy of a 10.

    Acting – 8

    I must say, I was a bit disappointed with the acting. And I can’t really place why. Colin Farrell feels like he’s trying to come through but isn’t given a real chance, or fails. He does a fair job at being Alexander, but something feels missing. Really, the best of all would be Olympias (Angelina Jolie) who provides the strongest point to the film’s acting. She manages to create an amazingly interesting character. Also thumbs up to Val Kilmer and Jared Leto.

    Plot/Story – 8

    The great flaw. This is the downfall of Alexander to me. Some of the choices of where to go, where to take the story were not the best. The script kept taking the movie back and forth, but then at times it would slow down at a fairly unimportant spot. It would give emphasis where none was needed, it didn’t really know where to end. I hoped that it would focus more on his military campaign, and less on his psychological and sexual events.

    Music/Sounds – 10

    Vangelis did an exceptional job on the music. It’s thrilling and beautiful, it can be powerful and works in almost perfect sync with the film. Like quality, I see it as one of top level attributes of Alexander. Not the key that Originality is, but not close to downfalls like plot and acting. Also must mention the exceptional sound effects.

    Trailer – 9 (not figured in overall score)

    Just like the film, it’s unprecedented. I find it an awesome trailer, but the first time I saw it I was disappointed. But it did do one thing right, completely right: announce the coming of something unique.

    Overall – 9.2

    +: Vangelis’ great soundtrack

    +: Totally original

    +: Amazing quality

    -: Disappointing Plot

    There’s a balance between art and entertainment, movies like Troy and Spider-man are about providing entertainment. Some movies like Gladiator, Braveheart and Lord of the Rings manage to blend both into huge successes. Alexander is firmly planted in the art area, basically it’s a film born from passion. Has it’s benefits and its failures. Now let the discussion roll.

  8. We overcame a government that harbored Al Quaeda, now we're creating a new one that might fill in that role :)

    The election, to us Americans (assuming the media is being honest, the government is trying to brag, details aren't being lost on the way) the election look like it went well, but I did not doubt the U.S. would be successful in the war (and not saying it has been) but it's not the likelihood of suceeding that should sway our decisions.

  9. @Adam, I was referring to the single-player campaign... but I should say rather, the highlights of the campaign will be military oriented.

    And of course, this is just my current plan, like you said, we'll disscuss it as it gets nearer.

  10. Do you have the liberty to fill in your own view and expectations as well in them?

    No is my first answer... and that will dicate a lot of what TLA's campaigns will be like. I will not allow Hobbits to fight off wolves and spiders in the Old Forest in order to give the player something to do instead of just watching units walk. I'd rather just skip to something interesting.

    Like everything in TLA, the books are the key. We will not stray from them ever, if we do, we fail.

    sry, had to add that :P

  11. Let me answer that question too... very good question.

    The problem is scope. While I could and would want to do scenarios like those, I think for TLA we need to (at least at first) focus on things TLA the game is about. And the majority of that is battle. It is a strategy game, not adventure or rpg. Now, I'm not denying such things won't come in here and there, but the majority of the game will be battle and military oriented.

    But I'm a strong believer that there is detail and ideas within the broad scope of strategy that can be tapped. And of course, I'm not the only one who will work on the campaigns so my vision of TLA's campaign might not be TLA's campaign.

    Basically, while I could create an RPG/adventure scenario using trigger tricks.... it just seems that a strategy game should have mainly strategy scenarios. Though I do agree that repetition must be avoided at all cost, and there needs to be alternatives... Don't worry, we won't make random maps and generate a campaign :P

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