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  1. For the issue of the 2 failed sections. Dont check out to c:\program files or any other directory that has a space in it, it messes up the file path when building in vc2008 (or atleast it did for me ). Also maybe try reinstalling/updating your sound drivers.
  2. the installation went smoothy but for some reason none of the buttons work in game
  3. The water idea got me thinking ans maybe for a mod u could make it so you have to build aqueducts and u could only build buildings near an aqueduct.
  4. umm kinda random but a guess would b vercingetorix and brennus also i wonder why there hasnt been more showcases on celts
  5. I actually understand the reasoning now that without it the game would be a booming war and neither player would take ment off gathering from fear of having an inferior economy and both players will boom until the super units are available.
  6. i dont really care for 20th century games cuz thers so many of them and now that Ensemble studios has been screwed over by microsoft who will make ancient historical rts games?????Wildfire ftw!!!! but ya it sounds ok and not like a generic modern rts but no my fav
  7. i agree that the game should be kept simple however i dont think that soldiers should get worse at gathering the more they fight because it makes a division between military and economy. THe player would simply set aside some units and avoid making them fight because if they do theyll become less efficient gatherers
  8. just wondering how many different formations u guys plan to implement?
  9. As far as i kno the name Ethiopia didnt come into play until the 20th century after the Italian occupation under Mussolini left the region so a more appropriate name would be Abyssinia.
  10. i think they have some roman ones by the looks of some of the screens i noticed in the gameplay movie that the pathing of some units was very rigid and grid-locked so im glad that the team is taking time to polish that up. As for ai i dont really care because the only single player that i will play is the campaigns which usually come with a custom scripted AI of simply move the other players units with triggers
  11. im not a big fan of territories as everytime theyve been included in a game the game tends to flop but im hoping that Wildfire has some unique and original way of doing it thatll make it fun and i think they said that it can be turned on or off (not sure tho)
  12. in another topic aeros says that theres no siege implemented into the game yet so i guess not
  13. i read on moddb that all that was left was carthaginian and iberian art as well as bug fixes and porting the tools to mac. is this true?
  14. yes in aoe3 at one point the abus jan beat everything (except maybe age3 spanish lancers) but since jan abus was age II it was unstopable and u could only hope that the opponent messed up as for 0ad i see the games lasting a long time and being dependant on map control with both players taking more land until there isnt any more to take and then the fighting starts. the games will probably be slower at the start because a rush appears to be a win quick or die quick strategy with no recovery but i guess i cant really say that until ive played the game
  15. from what ive seen in the game booming is the way to go because when u rush your bound to lose more units than ur opponent and since losing military is the same as losing economy its a lose-lose situation
  16. ya i had that thought to the game would either be too simple (not enough techs) or have too many techs and present a huge growth curve
  17. actually i had similar ideas except i placed the game in the darkages after rome fell and there were many barbaric tribes in europe. the player would then go through a series of techs and develop certain archetecture and specialized units i think a tech tree that has options that close other ones is a great idea and should be implemented into a game. possibly an 0ad mod but it will require a lot of scripting
  18. like the title says what is currently being done in the progress of the game and what is still left to do. i kno thats kinda vague but im trying to find out if i can help any (i mainly do art both 3D and texturing and im clueless about any kind of scripting) are you guys finished with the art or is there still some left to do?
  19. i mean its fine that way and ill definatley play the game either way, but that would have romans from 300AD fighting ones from 400-500AD kind wierd when u think about it
  20. i see where your coming from but then you could end up with the western roman empire fighting imperial rome
  21. I wasnt insulting the team by sayin that i actually should have said that "none have recieved a concrete answer" (and i dont expect one either) i was trying to give alternatives to appease the impatient members (like myself ) Dont exactly know what vod stands for but its basically in game footage where all keystrokes and movements are shown which as i said before would really give the community a feel for the game EDIT: idk if its my browser settings but i didnt get any link from ur post but i did a search and found my answer and probably didnt need to make this post
  22. in mythos faction list he has both imperial rome and eastern rome but wouldnt it make more sense to have imperial rome as the faction and east/west rome as the sub-factions (kinda like athens/sparta/macedon are all hellenes)
  23. ive seen female citizens in the movie and some screenshots and was wondering what they do. they obviously dont fight so are they simply a cheap gatherer or do they have another purpose. also thers countless people asking for a release date so im not going to (nobody gets an answer anyways) but it would really help the community see the progress of the game if you could submit a VOD of one of your devs playin a skirmish game so we could see how its shaping up
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