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  1. is there a release date planned?
  2. I think as soon as campaigns get introduced into the game, it will improve
  3. I think there should be a command to request from the AI
  4. the celts did however had Taverns, so I don't see why that should be removed too. Such a shame, they looked great I hope they consider re-adding them
  5. definitely needs to be Alpha 26 = Zeus
  6. Is it possible to ask my AI ally to send me resources through chat o any other mechanic? Also, the ally usually takes up all my space and I'm left without space to build in lol, how does the building placement in ally territory mechanics work? cheers!
  7. really, removed? they definitely need to be added back in, the models are beautiful too I really hope you consider adding them back into the game having Civilization specific buildings adds a lot to the gameplay experience
  8. yeah but those are only 2 it doesn't necessarily has to be a university or government building, but one more building to research civic techs the celts for example could use a Tavern for example for those kind of researches
  9. I think is a good idea that Civs would have some sort of government building to study things such as - faster construction -more building durability... -unique techs like a University type building
  10. yep that was it... thank you for clearing that up
  11. I don't I actually thought they are too weak
  12. I notice that the camera rotation is only on "y" (AKA horizontal) and zoom in and out. but how about implementing an "x" rotation system aswell... maybe not the whole 360 degrees, but to be able to look at the town from a more overseeing position, more from the top (if that makes sence) if this is already integrated and I'm just missing the hotkey please let me know Thanks in advance for reading, and congratulations on a beautiful game!
  13. Maybe this has been discussed before but I couldn't see a topic about it. Arrows fired are almost invisible of how tiny they are, is there a way to make them just a very little bit bigger so that they can be seen without zooming in to the maximum just a thought, thank you
  14. Hi everyone I played for the first time 0ad around 7 or 8 years ago and then forgot about it. I recently remembered it and had the urge to play it again, I was so positively surprised at how far it has come, really such a beautiful project. I'm happy to be here
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