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  1. Thanks for pointing me to the "structure tree". Very helpful. I am also wondering about tracking heroes, they need to be highly visible. I ran across this post, which refers to a mod though. boonGUI: .
  2. From ATHENIANS CIVILISATION PROFILE: Athenian Woman: "Good at gathering food. Has an 'aura' that boosts the productivity of citizen-soldiers around her.". Does productivity include combat? By extension, does the 'aura' presence of women apply to regular troops? I would hesitate to send women into combat if they can't defend themselves, so would it be possible to include an upgrade for women so they can posses some minor combat capability? In mythology, there were women warriors (Amazons).
  3. Once again, I was wiped by the AI. I was playing with a team mate. Is it possible for your team mate to donate a worker to you? I had a bunch of horseman aiding my teammate, but no workers or citizen soldiers to rebuild the civic center. Though I had no people to construct a new civic center, there were still a lot of buildings "owned" by Gaia.
  4. I would like to suggest the Minoan civilization as an added faction. There are "problems" with this, in the sense that the Minoan civilization would be out-of-scope with the 0AD time-frame and that this could be considered one-to-many (excessive) factions. According to Wikipedia the Minoan civilization cover the approximate period of 3500BC to 1100BC. Just a utopian thought for (in that time period) a mythically advanced civilization.
  5. Experience is the best teacher. At the time I bought by 4K monitor (VA32UQ) I was unaware of G-SYNC and FreeSync. I also did not have any games installed either. But stuff eventually gets added. After getting X-Plane, I had a rude awaking. And just recently, 0AD added to that awakening as you need to know what monitors work with which games. (Also the graphic card itself needs to be considered, the Linux NVIDIA driver did not originally come with Vulkan installed, but it was installed with a subsequent update.) My 4K monitor (VA32UQ) was not on the approved list. Thanks, very much for providing a sounding board and for your research into the issue so that a solution was found. Last night, played a game for approximately two hours with no problems. As a reminder, for anyone else who may be following this thread, disabling FreeSync on the monitor appears to have resolved the black screen problem.
  6. Based on very limited testing, he game appears to work correctly in windowed mode. A graphic headache. At the time I bought the 4K monitor, I did not have 0AD or X-Plane. I subsequently bought X-Plane and they then upgraded X-Plane to use the Vulkan graphic engine. Turned out that required G-SYNC, which my monitor did not have. Fortunately, NVIDIA had a setting to mimic G-SYNC. The monitor does have FreeSync. Just after mentioning FreeSync, I had the thought to disable it. Disabling FreeSync seems to have SOLVED the problem. Of course testing was extremely limited. PS: if I add the # symbol to the beginning of a line in the ~/.config/0ad/config/user.cfg file, does that comment (disable) that line out?
  7. The fps default was hovered around 60fps in both windows mode and non-windows mode. I changed the fps, so that it was around 40. That did not go too well. The screen flashes almost immediately to black now. I see that @Norse_Harold has identified changing the fps through the configuration file. I'll give that a try. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, revising the configuration file proved interesting. adaptivefps.menu = "100" With the above, 0AD did not go a black screen and the fps was just over 1000fps. (This is limited testing. Long term ???) adaptivefps.session = "100" With the above, 0AD did flicker to black periodically while in the game. However, the game was displayed correctly for significantly more time and stayed black for less time. The fps in this case was just above 100fps. But, it also seems that the fps changes with the degree of zoom. When I zoom in (detailed image) the fps shot-up to around 200. Zoom out and the fps dropped to under 100.
  8. 0AD is the only 3D game that I have unless X-Plane flight simulator qualifies. A lot to digest in your suggestions. As a preliminary dive into looking into this, I ran across this article: "Linux Overclocking Software" which mentioned CoolBits. I know nothing of this program. Furthermore, the article is a bit "old" now so it may no longer be relevant. The link below is simply for future reference as the author has provided a sample configuration, which I assume would still have to be tweaked for the specific card that I have. https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/solved-coolbits-without-xorg-conf/37305/5 Thanks very much for providing your suggestions on how to solve the problem.
  9. Disabled windowed mode so that the screen flicks on and off to black, then looked for the file. Good news. Found the file. Copy attached. Quite True. Appears that an image is being rendered even when the screen is black. I pressed F2 when the screen was black. userreport_hwdetect.txt
  10. A bit ironic to take a screenshot of a "black" screen. Since I am using Linux, I switched to a different work space and took a screenshot, where you will see that 0AD shows up in the control panel as being "active". (lower left, last icon to the right.) When the icon is "activated" it goes to full screen, but then goes back to black after a few seconds. I enabled window mode. That appears, at first glance, to have solved the issue. Testing will confirm. A search of all files did not locate "userreport.txt". I'm using Linux Mint. How can this file be generated, if still interested?
  11. The screen normally goes black after the title screen is displayed. Periodically, I can get to the game set-up screen and even the game itself for a short-time. I have not tried that. I will have to look into testing that mode out.
  12. 0 A.D. was working without issue. But recently, the screen has begun to flick to black. It then restores itself momentarily before going to black again. This on/off cycle keeps repeating. Unfortunately, that makes game play impossible. The game itself does not crash. I suspect this may be the result of a recent Linux Mint update. I am using Mint 20.2. Also using a 4K monitor. The graphics are superb. The graphic card is: EVGA - SC ULTRA GAMING NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB GDDR6 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card. Anyone else experiencing a similar issue or have an idea for a workaround?
  13. Carbon neutrality and climate change are faux issues since they are meant to detract the gullible from the real environmental issues that we are facing. It is "wag the dog" mentality. Each person, through their mere existence, is a carbon consumer. That means that carbon has to be produced for them to exist. Reduce the number of people, then you need to produce less carbon to serve those people. The current strategy of using existing and as yet undiscovered speculative technology to reduce a person's carbon footprint is actually cannibalization. That will also mean "rationing" resources generating carbon.. At some undefined (future) point, that will eventually mean a reduction to the standard of living and significant loss of freedom. As a minor amusing editorial followup to the paragraph above, the production of food takes energy plus a variety of other resources, obesity is a common first world health problem. A while back, I recall seeing this headline: TAKING THE PIZZA Restaurants set to shrink sizes of pizzas and pies after health officials set new targets. Today, this is humorous, but it carries future troubling implications, suppose farming becomes restricted in its food production in the name of carbon neutrality and we also have health officials "protecting" us by limiting our caloric intake. Let me toss-in this absurd hypothetical. You have a world of four people which has a carbon neutral footprint based on each person being allowed 25 carbon "credit" to maintain their lifestyle. So in this world the total available carbon credits is 100 to maintain a carbon neutral world. Should that imaginary world grow to 5 people, each person would only be allowed 20 carbon "credits". That would reduce the lifestyle of each person by 5 carbon units. What would a real-world translation mean? Less eating out, smaller cars, smaller houses, less clothes?????????
  14. Correct. I was interpreting live expectancy to be the same as time in usage. I believe that those who shout the loudest (climate arrogance) have no intention of modifying their behavior to live by the climate change philosophy they (falsely) preach. John Kerry (who is currently (2021) the US’s first Special Presidential Envoy for Climate) arrogantly asserted that because he was a busy important privileged person that he was entitled to use a private jet. They are hypocrites. The North Face is the new king of environmental hypocrisy On the issue of gas prices, I do not like the price increase for obvious reasons. My primary concern is that the Biden administration is purposely creating these problems and is not being adequately challenged concerning what would be a better approach. I already pointed out the reaction of Granholm, who simply laughed at the reporter and implied "not our problem" even though it is. I also just wrote in a prior post: "Biden's nominee to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Saule Omarova, said she wanted to see oil and gas companies go 'bankrupt'". This is a clue that the Biden administration is intending to put an industry out of existence. That is wrong.
  15. Biden ran on a platform of reducing hydrocarbon production. Biden has taken actual actions to reduce hydrocarbon production. In response to a question from a reporter about the growing hydrocarbon shortage The US Energy Secretary, Granholm, laughed in his face and said that OPEC should produce more oil. It is not OPEC's responsibility. It is up to the Biden administration to disclose a plan to the public as to how this growing problem will be fixed. No such plan was offered. The Biden administration is refusing to accept responsibility. Since posting, I ran across this article from the Daily Mail Online. Video emerges of Biden's Soviet-born Comptroller of the Currency nominee saying that she wants oil and gas companies to go 'bankrupt to tackle climate change". This is obviously a more aggressive approach than I've previously heard.
  16. Think about the life expectancy of the wrapper and bag used for one McDonald's hamburger. It is perhaps 15 minutes long. How Many Hamburgers Does McDonald's Sell Each Year? Also don't forget paper napkins, drinks, and straws. All with short life expectancies.
  17. The political leaders really have no intention of modifying their behavior to meet climate change goals. Virtually all their remarks boil down to virtue signalling. That also indicates that the whole climate change narrative is nothing more than "hot air". Even Greta noted that (See the post of October 18 on this thread). Mark Levin in his book “American Marxism” pointed out that: “… experience shows that for those among them who are famous, wealthy, and/or powerful, they will continue to luxuriate in a lifestyle created by capitalism.”
  18. I appreciate that you posted that image. Very few people acknowledge that it is people who generate through their very existence a carbon footprint. Want to solve the faux issue of climate change, reduce the number of people. Focusing on a carbon footprint and CO2 emissions is a faux solution to appease the gullible masses with an "easy" solution that really does nothing more than kick the can down the road. PS: The issue of the faux climate change hysteria goes way beyond CO2 emissions. It also involves issues such as deforestation, withdrawing too much water from aquifers, over harvesting renewable resources, such as fisheries, etc. Less population means less stress on these resources.
  19. I fully understand that there is a time lag between cancelling projects and replacing those hydrocarbons through additional production. But you need to listen to the narrative being spewed by the Biden administration. They have made it clear that they seek to reduce the production of hydrocarbons in the US. They have followed through with actual actions. Now that a supply problem is developing, they are not offering to solve the problem - they act as if they don't have any role in solving the problem. Granholm insolently laughed in the face of the reporter when he asked her to explain how the Biden administration would solve the problem. One would think that the Biden administration, as the elected leaders of the US, would proactively propose measures to solve the supply shortage. That is what leaders are supposed to do. No, but again; if one is an environmentalist, then you should be infuriated that the US is pushing its environmental costs on other countries. Think about it this way, the US gets to reduce its carbon footprint unnaturally through an accounting gimmick by transferring that carbon footprint to Saudi Arabia.
  20. The Double Irony Of Asking OPEC To Increase Oil Production Energy Sec’y Granholm Laughs, Blames OPEC When Asked Her Plan to Increase Oil Production Biden and Granholm have been attempting to turn-off the oil and gas production spigot. One aspect of this was the canceling of the Keystone pipeline project. Recently a "new" issue has arisen, the potential cancellation of an upgrade to the Enbridge "Line 5" pipeline. This potential cancellation is currently mired in political gobbledygook and doublespeak with Biden administration of course claiming that this issue is only being "studied". Nevertheless it continues to point to the Biden administration seeking to actively put the hydrocarbon industry "out-of-business" and not to increase production despite perceived shortages. But the point that I wish to make, is that the Biden administration, if it wanted to, could increase oil and gas production by restoring projects and issuing more permits for production. It is not the responsibility of OPEC to produce more hydrocarbons for the benefit of those living in the US. For the Biden administration seemingly refuse to acknowledge that the US can't produce more hydrocarbons is repugnant misdirection. In December 2019 the US produced nearly 13 million Barrels per Day (BPD). In August 2021, the US produced just over 11 million BPD. So the Biden administration, if it wants, would seem to have an opportunity to increase production. But for Granholm to laugh at that potential and dismiss that opportunity, that is an arrogant travesty. The environmental community should also be incensed at the sleight of hand that the Biden administration is pulling. Demanding that OPEC pump more oil exports US pollution to other countries. Additionally, if OPEC produces more hydrocarbons to send to the US, they are creating more CO2 emissions and environmental hazards. The hydrocarbons will have to be transported by ship over thousands of miles. The hydrocarbons will also have to be loaded and unloaded from those ships. The loading, movement, and offloading of cargo creates opportunities for mistakes to occur.
  21. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/GDP/ The Decline in US oil and gas production that occurred during the Trump administration can be attributed to the decline in the US gross domestic product, a period of economic recession resulting from the Covid pandemic.
  22. To add more to the suggestion "to increase the visibility of buildings", my concern is not the actual visibility of the building, but how to distinguish one building from other building. I have a bit of a visual problem so it is hard for me to sometimes tell what some buildings are. Especially, when game play is active and you are frantically searching for a particular building. I would like to see more visual cues embedded in a building that makes it easier to identify.
  23. Does terrain have an effect on a units defense/attack capabilities? For example, if a unit is on a hill and it is attacked does it receive a defensive bonus while the attacker is penalized since it is harder to attack uphill? This question could also apply to structures, such as stone towers.
  24. It's been years since I read the book. Nevertheless, I remained puzzled. It is explained incidentally in the movie that slow objects penetrate the shields, but I didn't perceive that clue while watching the movie. This is actually a correction from what I had previously written. I was thinking about it. I finally remembered that the lack of computers is actually explained in the extended 1984 version of Dune directed by David Lynch. Also on the internet; one place, the fandom.com wiki history of Mentats.
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