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  1. Now for the follow-up question. Does the "arrow" benefit differ differ between sword units and archer units? Or to phrase it differently, do you still get the "arrow" benefit with a non-range unit garrisoned in a ship? As a similar side question: Both towers and forts have an "arrow" benefit when a unit is garrisoned in one. Do archers add "extra' arrows beyond what a non-ranged unit would provide when garrisoned in a tower or fort?
  2. Your response invoked something I had not considered. That is that the area my civilization covers is larger than the screen. At times enemy units have snuck past my front and have created havoc around the civic center and fields. These enemy units, at times, were off screen, so it took a while to see them and react. Also I have had a couple of cases of two-fronts (I'm attacking on one front but defending on a second from), meaning that it takes a while for reinforcements to get to the breach. This of course, means some troops have to be left behind as a defensive measure. Thanks for your response.
  3. Thoughts concerning the preferred approach to garrisoning troops in towers and fortresses. As a broad statement, there are two generic types of units: swordsman and archers. I assume that swordsman would be most useful when a fortress or a tower is in direct physical attack by the enemy. Archers most useful for stopping enemy units approaching the tower/fortress or killing enemy units attempting to pass by. The implication. Swordsman would be more useful (garrisoned) near the front and not really as necessary in the rear areas. Archers would be useful in all locations. Especially useful for providing area coverage near the community center and/or fields to kill the occasional enemy unit that gets past the front.
  4. Suggest the ability to change the size of the cursor, due to visual impairment. I keep loosing the cursor resulting in fumbling around. Also along those lines, making each building visually distinct.
  5. One of the topics that have heard for a suggestion, are making renewable resources such as trees and fish renewable. Another type of tweak along those lines would relate to stone and metal. As you advance from the village phase to the town phase to the city, more stone and metal resources could become exposed. This would be based on the premise that each new phase would have better technology to locate resources and/or find less productive mines that would become productive with increased technology. There is a downside to this suggestion in the sense that the game is meant to be quick and not a long term civilization building game.
  6. Well, I'm up to 1.14 for a kill/death ratio. My opponent is down to 0.88 for a kill kill/death ratio. My "improvement", I suspect is because I am hiding behind walls. Now, I have to develop a break-out strategy, My troops are too widely dispersed as there are two combat fronts. I may also have too many troops garrisoned in the walls and towers.
  7. I noticed that I had a kill/death ratio of 0.9. My opponent had a kill/death ratio of 1.1. Beyond what the ratio means, is it "good" news for me, or "bad" news?
  8. I have favored archers, I think that is turning out to have been a mistake. Based on my recent experience, going with swordsman will be more appropriate. I also made two other mistakes. One, I forgot to use my champion. Second, I neglected have a supply of horse cavalry. I'm also pretty fumble fingered with the stress of RTS games. (I forgot to use my champion) I attempted to get the women into the CC, but I bungled that.
  9. Can you have a unit (or a group) focus on attacking a particular enemy unit? In more specific terms, the enemy had three battering rams which were destroying my structures with virtual impunity. Part of the problem, I had a bad mix of units myself, so I was not inflicting much damage on the battering rams. Anyway, a "solution", (if it is available) would be to have units (swordsman) with high hacking attack points specifically target the battering rams.. Can that be done?
  10. Agree. I've been posting suggestions that elephants are too powerful against stone structures.
  11. Based on the graphic above; when attacking an elephant, you would primarily use piercing (projectile) weapons. The resistance to piercing is 41%. Hacking would appear to be less successful at 52%. The least successful would be crush at 88%. Is that interpretation correct?
  12. Elephants are too strong against stone structures such as walls, fortresses, and towers. The stone walls need to be made stronger against elephants in the next update. I am a bit conflicted concerning the ability of units, especially archers, in stone structures being able to kill the enemy. When my stone structures are attacked, I have not notice the enemy dying. But, then I've seen some of my troops, who have mysteriously gone off on their own, get killed by an enemy tower. So I may be missing the enemy troops getting killed near my towers as there usually is a massive number, so you don't see the individual units dying. For some reason, it seems that some of my troops go out on their own and it is difficult to make them comeback. Curious???
  13. A follow-up note. Everything is working well with 0AD. The follow-up note relates to the cabling between the device (computer, Roku) and the display screen (monitor, TV). With both my computer (to play 0AD) and my TV, I recently upgraded my devices. I used existing cables(HDMI and Displayport). Everything appears to be working correctly. Cabling may not be an issue with 0AD. I had not considered the potential that recently adopted new cabling standards could affect your video quality. In looking to upgrade my TV soundbar, I ran across several articles that discussed HDMI and Displayport specifications. Basically, my existing cables were now "obsolete" by new standards. I just installed a "newer" HDMI cable between by Roku and TV to see what would happen. It was cheap enough. The picture looks better, but that is subjective. A lot of testing would resolve that, but I'm not about to do it. Whether current industry standard HDMI and/or displayport cables would have a positive effect on 0AD is an unknown, but still something that should be considered. HDMI ARC vs. Bluetooth - Is ARC/eARC Better Than Bluetooth? DisplayPort Explained DisplayPort vs HDMI: Which is Better?
  14. You just gave me an additional thought for an extra fortress benefit. Fortresses are larger more complete facilities than Barracks. As such they would have room for "infirmaries". Units garrisoned in a fortress consequently should have their health restored at a faster rate. Which brings me to a new question, does a "surgeon" (Athenian) have the capabilities to heal when garrisoned within a structure?
  15. You have a point there. Sort of sticking with the Athenians based on romanticized nostalgia. They do seem to lack effective swordsmen and archers in the early game. How are they "difficult to play with"? "Perhaps, but I would really like easy access to that tech" [conscription] Conscription is a societal concept developed by the government, not really a technological advance. It is an early societal concept and should be easy to obtain. So the Community Center would be a possible location for that advancement.
  16. Some additional thoughts concerning the role of the fortress. The "Will to Fight" advancement would be more appropriate when located in the "seat of government" building (Council Chambers) as it is up to the political leaders (king, caesar, emperor, etc.) to motivate the troops and populace for a war effort. Especially through their charisma. What about relocating "conscription" to the fortress? Still trying to think of other advancements that would enhance the idea of building/using fortresses. PS: My ideas are based on the Athenian Advancement Structure Tree, so they may not be appropriate for other civilizations.
  17. I just played a game where the map/terrain were identical to a prior game, so it would be nice if there was greater randomness in map/terrain generation. This made it easier to avoid the pitfalls mentioned below. As an additional terrain concern, is the ability for siege units to traverse certain terrain (including obstructing objects). Obviously siege units can't traverse all terrain or get around all obstructions, but maybe there could be a pop-up saying that the siege unit is obstructed? In several cases, I attempted to send a siege unit to point "A", instead it went the "wrong" way. Obviously it was looking for a different route, but then the siege units became separated from the main army. In one case, I deleted the siege units since there appeared to be no passable route. Once on the other side, built a new armory. Terrain should also include shallow water. I built a trireme only to find that it could go nowhere since the water was too shallow. A consideration with my suggestion is that you can't have a pop-up for every conceivable situation.
  18. Are there any visual cues on the mini-map for showing where the enemy is attacking you after the notification alert? I've been having trouble locating the enemy a lot of times. In a recent game, I was successfully flanked by the enemy which was very devastating for me.
  19. Thanks very much. Extremely helpful. Still reading through this guide. I would like to suggest including in your document header, the hyperlink to this thread and the date of publication. That will make it easier for the reader to re-find this thread in the future and to see if they have the latest version of this guide.
  20. Good point. My units were all up-to-date. But that does not obviate that the enemy may have had superior troops compared to my troops. Also it seemed that the enemy had an apparent endless line of reinforcements. Where I seemingly could not build replacements as fast!! Yes. I was actually, in the last game, faced with a two front war where the enemy alternated between attacking on each front. I did make a mistake in that the enemy was able to flank one front to get inside my lines. While I was finally able to finally "kill" that attack, it left me open to getting overrun on the other front, which is what happened. Pretty intelligent AI!!! I was wondering about the points your raised. The AI may have decided to pursue the strategy of dedicating every possible unit to attack. But it didn't seem that they were getting exhausted.
  21. When hit with with a massive attack would it be better to attempt to send your newly generated units to garrison fortresses and towers? A reason for this is that it seems that the newly generated units go into battle disorganized so they get decimated. Also the fortresses and towers that are being attacked by the enemy tend to get destroyed. I suspect that units inside a tower or a fortress have a defensive bonus. Units inside a tower or a fortress would also add to the defense capability of that building. A downside to sending units directly to a building is that the enemy can get inside your defense perimeter.
  22. Add the capability to train land military units in a fortress. Commensurate with what is allowed with the current game play phase.
  23. Roman Republic: The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome's Government. I ran across the above article. Since this article covers the time period of 0AD, I thought it might be of interest to add some additional context to 0AD. There have been other (scattered) links to informative articles on this forum. Additionally, a slightly modified internet search turned-up, unsurprisingly, a large number of hits (articles) that could also be added.
  24. I would like to suggest that the information screen for ships be updated to identify the type of units that can be carried on that particular ship. I suspected that siege units could not be loaded, but I gave it a try anyway. It did not work, but to make matters amusingly worse, the dock and ship were built where the water was too shallow for the ship to move!! The water was too deep for the siege units, but some soldiers were able to cross to the other shore. But I was not able to expand the beachhead. Live and learn. Can't win them all. Anyway, I finally won my first game playing the Athenians at the easy level.
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