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  1. now that a25 has shadow draw distance, it need to be uncoupled from the zoom of the camera so that it's always based on the fixed point that the camera is pointed at for consistency.
  2. Maybe don't ditch the name but since these are rarely used it would indicate that their current implementation is not worth it. Maybe embrace the name and redesign a unit around the name that is some sort of assassin? Maybe can only have 1 max, like a hero. They can kill hero's really fast but are vulnerable in some way so people would want to kill it before it reaches their hero. Or maybe some type of stealthy design that is similar, can only have max 1 or something.
  3. Some sort of fatigue would be cool for a mod. Only replenishes when near a building which is tied to an area that has a civic center(to prevent capturing a building and instantly being replenishes) Fatigue affects move speed and armor/attack/combat. That way an attacking army that wins has a decreasing effectiveness over time. Maybe some way to control running/walking more. Maybe if they haven't run for 30 seconds then their next command will run for the first 5 seconds.
  4. There's lots that delenda does differently but there's something I think is really great. It turns "upgrades" into choices. For example not all the technology upgrades in the forge can be used, you must choose a path. I only started playing in the beginning of June but vanilla 0 a.d. feels a lot less dynamic, which is fine. I just wanted to mention something that delenda does differently which I appreciate most and allows me to have more unique experiences per faction than I can in vanilla. Thanks and personally would love more decision making along this line which you are locked into but I am happy regardless, especially with how easy it is to toggle the mods anyways.
  5. i have only recently started playing so not many games under my belt but i installed a25 and one thing that i'm noticing, idk if its just me but it seems like when i tell a group of melee and ranged units in "aggressive" mode to attack something like a building, once the building is captured or falls the melees will chase to the next unit/building and continue but majority of the ranged units i guess can only see as far as their attack range in a25? so they often become idle after each target falls which i don't know if it's intentional or also if it's something i've caused without realizing. i just play skirmishes against ai if that matters. also i've started purposely not researching anything that gives my ranged units increases in their range just so i don't have to micromanage as much. hope this helps or if there's some wisdom to bestow upon me. thanks! a25 is performing way better for me too in terms of fps. very nice.
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