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  1. Garciaivo_09 quit a deathmatch without resign. @user1 metadata.json commands.txt
  2. Same happened minutes ago with the Offender: FulanoDeTalDev That leaves ()quit rage) when losing. We may think in some way to prevent this behavior @user1 metadata.json commands.txt
  3. I really tried to give "some" second chances but it's the fourth time I run away when the going gets tough. Offender: erator @user1 commands.txt metadata.json
  4. baber02 left with rage quit - without resign. commands.txt
  5. Ok, there's something happening here. I did another chance to gilgames (and this time he did play to the end), but the ratings doesn't change. Is there something to worry about? He said that his internet was bad, but it doesn't even lagged until he start to lose (also he was hosting). Lobby name: 0XD3C0.de Offending player: gilgames commands.txt commands.txt
  6. Hello again @user1 now we have the guy teasing, cursing, disturbing the lives of others Lobby name: 0XD3C0.de Offending player: atrepar
  7. Hi @user1 Another day, another drama.. It is not possible that this behavior is so recurrent. We need a method to stop this type of action. Lobby name: 0XD3C0.de Offending player: atrepar commands.txt
  8. Offender: PROO Left the game right before losing. Thanks in advance @user1 commands.txt metadata.json
  9. My lobby name is 0xD3C0.de, The offending player is michaela1987. The opponent quit the match to avoid rating deduction. @user1 metadata.json commands.txt
  10. About this, well… I've tried to use autokey some years ago but didn't work for me as it should - for many years I have used cheap, low-yield computers, low processing and relatively little memory over Fluxbox/Blackbox and in addition to the unnecessary processing, the memory consumption in that scenario did not give me room to use tools that were not lower level. So I believe that this was the reason behind the search for more performance options. Look bro, xbindkeys is NOT YET the best example of performance for what I am proposing. Obviously some deviation in xinput and xmodmap / keys or, as we commented, some modification within the mod / game itself. …Which reminds me, of course, that the game doesn't support special characters either, so I can't use my V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
  11. That's the mouse button 8 (also known as backward). About autociv (and other mods) I think that it would be a solution for future implementations, but is kinda complex to map compound events (and prevent defaults bubbling) in this cases - IMHO is too hard and will demand lots of time to do this inside game, but is slightly easy to remap system wide yeah, I am a little slacky. BUT I am looking forward on mod making - planning to do something similar Badesu and you're planning on minimap - and other minimal changes - to help following statuses of when spectating or seeing a replay… I am still crawling in that direction - I recently discovered the debug mode (ALT + D) and time warp, and I'm still trying to understand how to put elements on the screen and debug player events
  12. Sure I Will! Nice! Now it appears working fine
  13. Hi folks! I'm having this error when trying to attach something "You have used all of the attachment space you are allowed. Manage Attachments to free up space". But when click on "Management button" some of my attachments shows "No locations to display. The content may not have been saved yet or may have been deleted." instead of location. I swear I would put the prints here if I could
  14. So, my dear brothers… It is with not only deep sorrow, but also with a certain shame, that I return here crying out for justice in a case that has definitely become too common. There have been countless games in which I did allow this player to atone for his crimes for abandoning previous games, however he again repeated his dramatic mistake.ls There were other incidents with the same player, but I will stick to the most recent (and distressing) games, who knows how to awaken in others the competitive and sporting spirit, thus discouraging such cowardly and recurring withdrawals. The player I am referring to is called TUVIEJACONQUISTADORA, and I believe that the feeling that motivates me not to claim the previous matches is, in part, of gratitude for some lessons taken ... However, at this moment, he does not leave me with another alternative to solve - or minimize - this stalemate. I provide this complaint to you @user1, and thank you in advance. I hope to be able to attach the files with the evidence as soon as possible, I have an attachment quota problem. 2021-05-19_0008.tar.gz 2021-05-09_0002.tar.gz
  15. Hi folks! So… I am using xbindkeys (on Linux) to create some macros that are helping me a lot: # # Mouse middle button: selects each unit across the map. "/usr/bin/xte 'keydown Alt_L' 'mouseclick 1' 'mouseclick 1' 'keyup Alt_L' &" b:2 + Release # # Mouse forward button: emulate doubleclick. "/usr/bin/xte 'mouseclick 1' 'mouseclick 1' &" b:9 + Release # # Mouse backward button: select only wounded units in a gap of 2 seconds. "/usr/bin/xte 'keydown o' 'mousedown 1' 'sleep 2' 'keyup o' 'mouseup 1' &" b:8 + Release … At least temporarily, since as soon as I find a way to configure these shortcuts within the game I intend to disable this macro. Then, I run the game for an alias created in my .bashrc: play0ad() { killall xbindkeys && \ xbindkeys_autostart && \ 0ad } I hope it will be useful to someone.
  16. So, as colleagues say, unfortunately, these cases of players fleeing the game have been occurring more frequently when they are about to lose. I will not publish the previous ones because I intend to confront again the players who left their games because I believe that there was some problem - I choose to give them a second chance. …But well… It is already the 3rd or 4th game with this user that he simply leaves the game when he feels he is going to lose. I am 0xD3C0.de and the player reported is 1979ad. @user1 metadata.json commands.txt
  17. I am from Brazil (-3 GMT), my name is João Paulo - but you all can call me John if you want. My nickname is the same I use to play (also my Twitter account) - and yes 'cos I like Hexadecimals (; I've tried 0 A.D. some years ago but unfortunately hadn't much time to appreciate… However last year I had to install some games to my kids and accidentally rediscovered this awesomeness source of pleasure with them.
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