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  1. I concur to a large extent. Yesterday I sent 20 rams against my AI opponent, who whipped out 3 Persian elephants and crushed my whole army like a lightening. I attempted to order my rams to dodge the elephants but they could move at a faster pace and catch up with any unfortunate ram. Therefore, having access to a tech that improves the resistance of siege engines against elephants would be much appreciated. However, I stand corrected.
  2. Gaming in Mainland China is mainly dominated by mobile phones, however, there is still a significant number of PC gamers out there, due to the widespread high quality yet affordable computer hardware. In terms of software, Tencent and Netease are the most popular game producers, alongside Steam for most PC players. The most popular PC games at the moment are League of Legends, PUBG and Timi. AoE is also very well known, so 0AD stands a chance. The biggest problem with gaming in China is being manipulated into paying at some stage. Most are free to download but the difficult skyrockets after some time if you refuse to pay. So a no pay-to-win game would be extremely popular. There is definitely demand for new PC games, mainly from the age range 18-22. Children of younger age are controlled by parents and people don't have time for games when they start their professional career. The funny thing about most Chinese games is that a time limit is imposed: each person can only play for a certain quota of time per day (often around 2 hours), and this quota changes for different age groups. Most online games require real identity which is inconvenient. Anonymity in 0AD would be attractive and it would be allowed. Open source games do not have to adhere to strict rules; as long as there is no adult content 0AD will be permitted. MMORPG and MOBA games like League of Legends are very popular, but there are very few RTS games like 0AD. Therefore 0AD could be the first of its kind and would be easier to spread than AoE due to being completely free and easy to download. The hard bit is to get publicity. The trailer is here on BiliBili: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1D84y1F7qN @mysticjim If you can let me transport the 2 most exciting videos on your channel that would be great. I see someone has already transported one of Tom 0AD's video there. That one has 250 views. I have around 30 0AD related videos and some of them reached above 200 views as well.
  3. Hi all, the video is on BiliBili https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1D84y1F7qN
  4. @Yekaterina I totally agree! That is actually my favourite song! Listen to it before your maths test and you will answer the questions more efficiently. I listen to it once before every test/exam to boost morale. But, since when did you start listening to national anthems? I thought I was the only one who likes them...
  5. To be honest China's social media right now is dominated by WeChat and Dingding, because they are overpowered and almost everyone use them. Both are used even in professional scenarios. Wechat = instagram + messager + facebook + Skype + paypal + News + barcode scanner + ... Dingding >= MS Teams
  6. I have WeChat (but that is more personal), WeSee (post videos up to 30seconds), popularised by Tencent. I can always register on other platforms. I don't use many Chinese social media accounts because I live in the UK right now and I rarely go to China. However, I am still capable of typing Chinese and registering an account on any new social media platform should be relatively straightforward with my ID card.
  7. I don't have an account on those websites but I will try to register an account there. Youku is slightly older (aimed to replace Youtube) and Iqiyi is mainly for watching movies and drama (like Netflix). I am impressed that you are aware of these sites! However I prefer BiliBili to these as these contain huge amounts of ADs and are money driven unlike Bilibili which has more healty content, no ads before videos and less profit-driven.
  8. BiliBili requires all uploaders to give their ID number on their Chinese citizen card and take a picture of themselves holding the card, therefore non-Chinese citizen cannot upload videos on there. Also all uploaders have no anonimity in the eyes of the authorities but their privacy are protected from regular viewers. In general I would say it is a more polished environment compared to Youtube as there is strict content control and some new features like instant comments and VR videos which do not exist yet on Youtube. I can do the Chinese work for you, I just want to make sure current Youtubers are happy with me transporting their videos.
  9. Hi all, I am Robin and I am willing to publish 0AD videos on my BiliBili channel. I already have a YouTube channel as seen in Yekaterina's links and the videos in my Youtube channel are also on my BiliBili. With other Youtubers' permission I am able to copy and publish their 0AD videos on BiliBili and add subtitles myself to help the viewers understand. BiliBili permits 'transporting' Youtube videos onto their website as long as I specify the source and the content can pass their inspection. The process of transporting such a video is as follows: 1. Download the video from Youtube using 4K Video Downloader or youtube-dl on Linux. 2. Upload the video into BiliBili's online video editor 3. Add subtitles using their editor 4. Write description, specify category and source. 5. Submit the video to the inspectors 6. After a few hours the video will be approved and made public on Bilibili Steps 2 and 3 can be replaced by editing in Kdenlive or Shotcut (I will use the most convenient method for myself). Declaration: I will not benefit monetarily from this process. I upload videos onto BiliBili as a hobby and there is no financial transaction involved. I am currently a level 2 user (maximum being 6). The first video I am planning to 'transport' is the A24 Xsayarsa release trailer. If its author can give me their consent I will do it as soon as possible. Hopefully it will attract a few potential players. With the consent of @mysticjim and @ValihrAnt I will transport their videos onto BiliBili as well. If you also make 0AD videos please tell me and I will transport your videos as well.
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