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  1. When it comes to professions and apprentices, that is a local phenomenon anyway. No adverse effect on path finding. To the contrary, that lightens the load. As only non local citizens require heavy path finding, e.g. armies, bandits, traveling birds in autumn, though those are a bad example as they fly ;-). All commoners can use cached computations. They go to work and stay there for a while, then some celebration and shopping. A lot of talking and maybe flirting and admiring, but that's it. Only few can afford holidays and travels frequently, researchers more maybe? Armies bound to only occasionally updated "roads" mostly for logistics reasons. Local short term path finding at frontiers at operational level is another story. That is where the trees play a role. But that is more static than in 0AD where the only thing to see often is brutal killing, no friction, strategic warfare. And it requires micro there where your generals handle it here. Formations progressed, that helps. Only group leaders require path finding. Here officer system helps: War isn't every unit (group) finding a way always. Adversary armies most often hold lines. That's why soldiers' life is boring and senseless digging and constructing, moving predefined paths - until this sudden moment, death not far. These operational units are the only having path finding switched on. (that includes mushroom gatherers, so it depends on the action performed, as it is event driven, that toggle is computational not expensive) Oh they abducted your quarter general? Speculate about her knowledge getting extracted, exposing your weaknesses. It may be time to sign that peace treaty or barricade all paths to your small peaceful realm. General mobilization is another option. The choice is yours.
  2. I agree. Yet as far as I understand the proposal, it is meant as a onetime computation, e.g. on map export. (that only concerns 0AD; it is not useful for other ventures which rely on trees, forests as strategic component)
  3. That quick battle mode is what 0AD is for. 0BC complements with a more continuous experience. Enjoying the world. Epic adventures. Settling along merrily. (it will be less deadly and less artificial)
  4. Fluid simulation is costly. We needed to apply some simplifications That dependency was possible even with MuteLovestone's basic water resource mod I agree water is one of the things on my gameplay wishlist. I plan it even in different aggregate states. Ice and steam. Great fun
  5. It is possible to merge the obstructions dynamically but I wonder if gameplay would suffer? Without roads Walkers in a row? Why not. => Formations. Already there. Effects also. Yes I like some more economy and loveliness. Like my profession and apprentice system I urgently need to overhaul
  6. Isn't it more about the egocentric nature of mankind than currency? Even go[o]ds are a kind of currency. Though not easy to inflate "out of nothing". That can have its advantages, but a side effect is that richer become even more rich and poorer ever more poor (those without assets, as inflation increases asset prices in the long run). Are their deeds comforting you? I have been positive towards China and their long history, having considered them wise. Yet China as a nation has long entered troubled waters, lack of ethics, empathy and tolerance being one of the deadliest waves for many decades. I know people there. My girlfriend is from the asiatic neighborhood. Believe me or not, but what they did and do to some of her young acquaintances is disgusting at best and deliberate torture at worst. Long standing business relationships to this country for decades, gave me and my cohorts a balanced understanding of what is going on over there with common people. As an prototyping engineer, full time food farmer and full time worker in an AI privately listed company in a different country from my homeland, I know more than one people. Do you wish to freeze outside to bolts without feeling anything of your fingers? Wanna sink in sh*t just because the rain timed the downpour badly? I fix my machines myself, vacuum pumps for milking the cows, tools for gardening, ... otherwise we could not afford food, because .. well .. since 30 years as a farmer in Germany and other so great countries you are just a heap of garbage. (what farmers got in 100 years in subsidies is given to military within 1 single year! yes despite NATO already being overpower! lol) Being able to fix my stuff myself, helps evade big bills and bad mood of the poor workers that otherwise had to come up to my farm in the deep snow at Saturday night or - yes - even Sunday. Having the agriculture in check taught me that food is hard work to have on the table. Much harder than many anticipate in this luxury world. It has made me pretty nasty too. Having lost many friends to death on my way, I never speak of humans as "resources" as is common by now in capitalism. "salaries cost us most" is what I often hear at work. But I always step in and defend the poor human and other beings. It is money well spent. Because people spend it. And because it supports families, kids, future, peace, ... I am a stresskiller at work. Having 24/7 IT responsibility, I love it when I fix something at 2 o'clock in the middle of the night because something went wrong. While my Executive chief woke up from the alert system and bombs me with chat messages what I should do, repeatedly, with ever more nasty tone yeah yeah, just stay calm. I don't care, because one has to know what really matters. And I am the one who fixed it anyway, simultaneously to answering his nervous messages, trying to calm him and sending him back to sleep. darn modern world. Why he woke up? LOL Panic monkeys everywhere nowadays. Looking around the news, people have no better ideas than destroying tedious work of others. e.g. constructed buildings, raised children, researched knowledge in form of formulas, books, ... so many people in Europe I know, they ignore news altogether. Back to China Don't you think Chinese were wise when they back then conscripted their farmers last after other professions? They were. But they are no more. Those in power (mostly hardliners at latest since the 1980ies) kicked their heritage with big peak iron boots. Don't you think, what China does isn't a better handling of things, but a simply reckless handling of things? Freedom is different. Fraternité is different. Egalité is different. Despite their proclamations, they do not treat everyone equal. That is the problem with all kind of pack creatures in existence. Once they organize, they form hierarchies. It's related to evolution or "god-given", depending on whom you speak to. Anyway, the handling of the crisis in general (apart from Switzerland and some other exceptions) is a tragic reminder of how many sheep without backbone live in this world, a universe we'll never fully understand - and not unlikely just is a glimpse in spacetime. @Lion.Kanzen We should try to unite. Across "apparent" differences. It is the same mistake that happened in Europe - again. We are passively building exclusive fences instead of driving an active inclusive policy. Very sad. Just let history rest. And learn for a more friendly and peaceful future. The political system matters only if the wrong atmosphere and bad conduct of individuals emerges. This can happen in any system. We have not found a perfect solution. Blockchain or rather graph technology could improve that. But we are far away to reach a just and fair state. And if, then there will be adversaries - that we have to somehow make friends with. Only friendship / love wins long term. All else is short term opportunistic behavior.
  7. The C++ code wasn't the prob per se. The renderer choices were a different topic. See sander17's effort. Yet it is possible. COLLADA isn't too bad. Now OpenMW supports it. All great progress everywhere. If one is offline for some time. Otherwise it feels like forever. Like progress throughout history was soo slow when you lived in that certain time. Maybe that's a good thing :)
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