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  1. Is walking through forest/trees necessary? Marking them as obstacles and not allowing units to do so would reduce pathfinder computations by loads I guess (I have no clue of the implementation). Or maybe allow units to move through forests in straight lines, with reduced speed and some piercing armor increase? Additionally, a feature where some of the units are able to chop trees without gaining any resources (just to remove them) would be nice Last, not related: pressing f11 4 times as the host shows some metrics, could Peer X renamed to player names?
  2. Champ spam was a a19 thing iirc, until they got nerfed. Slinger spam came after cav & champ nerf. Fanatics rose and died in this alpha iirc as well. Skiritai still good Archer spam came after slinger nerf. Kisses, wang
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