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  1. How difficult would it be to add hotkey support for the order of keys pressed? For example, the combination Z+X does something different than pressing X+Z. Secondly, would it be practical/possible to assign duplicate hotkey combinations to some kind of array? For instance, a user could assign the placement of all civ-economy buildings to B+N, all military buildings to B+M, and all other buildings to B+L. In the game, pressing B+N once, when a worker is selected, brings up a house to place. If the building remains selected, but the foundation has not been placed yet, pressing B+N ag
  2. I went searching but didn't find direct info on all of the different sites and ports relevant for a 0AD whitelist. So I thought I'd start a thread with what I have whitelisted on my network so far. This list includes the game, mods, forum, and IRC. Address : Port mod.io:443 modcdn.io:443 play0ad.com:443 wildfiregames.com:5222 wildfiregames.com:443 trac.wildfiregames.com:443 quakenet.org:443 I haven't done multiplayer or created an account so this list doesn't encompass it...yet. I'll try to edit this post as I add more entries. I ha
  3. Is there a way to determine the setup used in the Fedora flatpak version of the game and use it as a baseline to find a solution? The sound and graphics work without any issues in it.
  4. Hello, Attached is the list of commands I have tried thus far. I'm in over my head here. There may be an issue with the Fedora Silverblue container toolbox. I've only been playing with Fedora Silverblue for a few weeks. The game works fine as a flatpak on this machine. I am interested in hacking around with the AI, and was hoping to get debugging of some kind working. Perhaps there is a better way than what I have tried thus far. To anyone unaware, Silverblue, has immutable binaries. So software updates are done during a restart and most software is sandboxed by default. It is al
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