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  1. I couldn't answer to you since i am new on this forum and did use my 4 posts what i was not aware of beforehand. yep this is working now using nvtt shipped within 0ad sources what is default behavior with using ./update-workspaces.sh I cleaned everything to fully rebuild, because my previous tentatives to only rebuild parts didn't succeed. I did test --without-nvtt but that was a terrible idea, it does not work at all since this does fully remove nvtt, i doubt even this option has still an interest. Then i got a working configuration, i wanted to move my binary somewhere el
  2. well, how do i proceed, my tentative with : ./update-workspaces.sh cd gcc; make -j2 fails with usr/bin/ld : ../../../binaries/system/libgraphics.a(TextureConverter.o) : dans la fonction « CTextureConverter::ConvertTexture(std::shared_ptr<CTexture> const&, Path const&, Path const&, CTextureConverter::Settings const&) » : /extmounts/var/develp/games/0ad/0ad/build/workspaces/gcc/../../../source/graphics/TextureConverter.cpp:436 : référence indéfinie vers « nvtt::InputOptions::setTextureLayout(nvtt::TextureType, int, int, int) » collect2: error: ld ret
  3. i get this on a build done on Debian sid from 0ad gitlab ( HEAD commit 6739e81b57c626735c531e4a6b5ebd5784734f76 Fri May 22 05:00:18 2020 +0200 ) but i didn't manage to fix it clearing cache is not enough : did rm -rf ~/.cache/0ad , content is recreated at restart. Here a small video : https://pire.artisanlogiciel.net/videos/watch/8b81e3ed-e9ec-46ae-b727-7bd230c660ad stack trace : #0 0x00007f87fa4f2ec5 in __GI___nanosleep (requested_time=requested_time@entry=0x7fffd17a83e0, remaining=remaining@entry=0x7fffd17a83e0) at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/nanosleep.
  4. yep, great, it look like to match this, my only remark would then to use "C" instead of "en_US" for default tests.
  5. -Introduction / My life - I recently played 0ad alone and with my daughter, and i am very very pleased with that game. Beinig a developper i decided then to dig further into it, and to do so it built it under my debian 10 system. If built goes well, when i start game i get warning window popup and broken fonts, it seems to affect some fonts, so i did run test to see if my environment has something wrong - test - binaries/system/test Running cxxtest tests (336 tests)...........................................................................................................
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