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  1. While I do not under seigecraft, I understand some of the words in a different context. Maybe it will help in throwing light to the actual design and use of the weapon. Words in sanskrit do not have a fixed meaning, they are attributes, So a single object can have multiple names for each of its attribute, and a single name can be used for multiple objects, Some context is necessary to understand which object is being spoken about. sthirayantrám Is stationary Machine,It need not be immovable, it might only need to be stationary during operation, Sarvatobhadra: Sarvato=Everywhere, Bhadra ha
  2. Hi this was a rated game between Vijayvithal and Crashiex, Crashiex Quit the game without resigning after losing his town center and almost all his workers @user1 Thanks for building such a wonderful game commands.txt
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