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  1. Huh? They can broadcast into your head is what I mean, so it will sound like a voice is talking normally to you but someone else on the other side of the street won't hear it. I guess the benefit is there's less noise but a problem could be freaking people out. (You can suddenly hear something and other people can't?) I'd like to try and be hypnotized but the only problem is I'm not sure if I can be hypnotized.
  2. I don't mind, I like it. I'm a big fan of Roman/Greek styled buildings.
  3. I read an article on it a few months or maybe even a year ago. It's not control over anyone's mind but people walking by heard it and stopped to check out the 'store'. (It wasn't selling anything.)
  4. That would be the ultimate game. I'm just hoping 10-15 years from now we'll have a game where you put on the headset and immerse yourself in a game where it responds to vocal and physical commands. I mean companies have found ways to broadcast messages into the minds of people, I'm sure we can get a cool game and maybe even a virtual reality.
  5. Aha you were right. I guess I'll register and vote. I love strategy games based on ancient history. That's why I'm dreaming of sometime in the future where you put on a headset and game where you can choose a time period, an existing civilization or create your own and attempt to conquer the world and your view can be first person as the leader or as a god like in Sims. The AI for the game would obviously be insane but I can dream right?
  6. Reminds me of Risk. I always went for South America or North America. I tried to avoid Europe and Asia at all costs and Africa and Oceania/Australia were in the middle for me.
  7. Vista. It's funny because MS owns almost everything that's not open source. I'm pretty sure Microsoft owns Apple.
  8. I wouldn't want 'revolting' in any game personally. Something I think that should be considered is villager and military efficiency or 'morale'. Perhaps the moral of a new territory or a territory that's not your original can be more or less efficient depending on certain thing such as taxes and other things.
  9. Even winner's make mistakes. Personally I RARELY look at what the other player does, I focus on what I can change, my strategy, my troops. I will look for tendencies when I play someone multiple times - Villagers on one resource all together or staggered all around the map and what kind of army they like, more mobile(cavalry and light armor fast moving units)? more heavy(heavy infantry, siege)? If I really suck I will look at the strategy of the opponent if he's a real pro.
  10. Sounds interesting, I might actually download this.
  11. Does adding units to a building multiply the speed? Or will it be like in age of empires where it's more effective to plan ahead and build with 1 because 2 will not cut your build time in half.
  12. No worries, RIAA has decided to stop suing: dead people, single moms, kids and others. Now they try to slow your Internet service or cut it by emailing your ISP.
  13. How many people still play AoT? I played for a little while but stopped fairly early on. I remember playing that RPG scenario, the big wall with unlimited resources game and random map, rated and unrated. Random Civ FTW
  14. That's slow. You want to get at least 40+ around 100 KB/S is good. But who's his ISP? 3.5 MB/S is ridiculously fast, I don't know anyone anywhere with that kind of speed. Plus we probably won't have many seeders to start with...
  15. I take the 10 000 by a mile if those are the rules.
  16. Are there farms and will they give infinite food or will there be a limited number per farm? Will formations be unique to every civilization or will some formations be more general and be options in multiple civilizations? And how sophisticated will these formations be? (As in a way to line up units that gives a defense bonus from range, or other certain types of attacks.) How much health will units have vs. damage they produce? (Obviously a very general question, will it be fairly easy to take down a unit, or will they (most units) have lots of health with little damage?) How long will battles last? (obviously depends on the size, but it's related to damage vs. health, a small skirmish will last a few seconds? a minute?) Will there be any aggressive animals such as lions, bears, wolves? How much will experience/level affect the power/damage a unit can produce? How many types of game modes will there be (Deathmatch, Random Map)? How fast will units gather and how short can games will games be as a result? (Just an estimation, are they going to gather at a slow rate or will economy be something that's fairly easy and fast and skirmishes break out in the first few minutes of the game.) How will population be controlled? Will there be a limited number of houses? Will there be town centers that add more room and allow for more units to be trained? That's all I can think of for now.
  17. Is there lots of original Ages of Empires on that forum (Heaven Games)? I'm registered on Age Community and ES is shutting down so all the good posters have left so I'm 2 almost 3 years older then everyone else who posts on that forum and plays the game.
  18. Unit 731 of the Japanese Army. Edit - From a few years before WW2 to the end of it. Can we also consider not very violent but extremely hardcore in beliefs?
  19. 10 000 and I don't really care how competent the commanders/generals are if we are in an open area facing off. If we're: a ) allowing for retreats, regrouping and raids then I'd take the 1 000 b ) in a forest, or any area that is not out in the open (this has to be a really thick forest or whatever, not a few trees with space for 5-6 guys to march side by side) c ) allowing the 1 000 troops to have MUCH MUCH more and MUCH better equipment I'll take the 1 000 if any of those 3 conditions are met.
  20. I'm going pretty crazy too, I've been watching movies, and playing the original Age of Empires. On top of my classes. Will this get finished before or after I get my degree?
  21. Trebuchets are easy to kill... they also deal tons of damage. It's the way they are suppose to work.
  22. Usually your force will be smaller, I don't know if units on horses can gather, but a small group of them should be able to disrupt larger numbers of villagers on their side.
  23. Even then, if you can stop gathering for 1-2 minutes, it's a big deal, especially if you can score some kills.
  24. I've always liked how it was handled in the Age of Empires series. A priest/monk/surgeon. While not fighting, units are healed directly (First 2 in the series) or they are healed by a building built by surgeon when standing close enough.
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